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The Playa Alameda was the one showing the most erosion, sometimes banks feet high, almost needed a ladder to get to the bar, oups I mean playa
Hey flygt, went into Varadero once to meet up with my Cuban sobrinas. Each time I’m downtown, it’s like another market has sprung up on a new corner, so I’m guessing business is good. Dropped into one market around 5-ish, lots of people, even if early December. Even the Beatles café was busy

We partook in no excursions whilst at the hotel (my friend has hip problems so did not venture far). The weather was good overall, but high winds prevented us from the catamarans all week. From my talks with other patrons (Brits, Canadians, Croatians, Spaniards), the Havana half-day trip was popular, as was Trinidad. I gathered that many Europeans came into Cuba through Havana and chose to stay a few days there before doing their scheduled AI, which is great, Havana being such an interesting city to visit.

Iberostar Tainos is a very good 4*, close to town and the Delphinarium. To my knowledge, there are no "free shuttles" in Varadero, but the double-decker is close at 5CUC for a ticket good all day, hop on/hop off, from early morning on the main road. Good for sight-seeing and it takes you right downtown to the markets (calles 62, 51, Beatles cafe, etc.) There is a person on the bus who shouts out each stop so you know at all times where you are.
Melia Las Antillas also close to town and also 4*, although never been.

Just back from Varadero and took half a suitcase of school supplies, meds and clothes for friends in Matanzas, Cardenas and Pedro Betancourt. No problems at customs. I just packed the items in several plastic bags in smaller containers (used med bottles and film roll containers) for easier divy-up once at the hotel. I brought Advil, Tylenol, kids’ liquid Tempra and vitamins, Tums and milk thistle (never leave home without MT!), small dollar store first-aid kits, bandaids, polysporin samples, latex gloves and tampons. The rest was moolah.
Just back from this hotel, Nov 30-Dec 8 (SWG out of Qc City, direct late flight)Look for my review which will be up in a couple of days.Loved it! Feel free to ask any questions.

La tià loca

I was on the peninsula last week and it was wonderful as usual, although I did notice quite a bit of erosion once again eating up the beach in front of the Iberostar Playa Alamada, poor guys, this is the second time in 5 years they’ve been hit, whilst the other hotels have been spared. A downside of having one of the best beaches in the world and, may I add, one of the windiest I’ve been to in a long time. Last week was a doozy, with colder temps coming in as we were returning home.

Haven’t been back to Cuba since March, just wondering if the situation has changed re the possibility that
the CUCs become the official currency.

Going to this Melia in 2 weeks. Did not notice the EPlan right away when I was looking for a hotel.Almost had a heart attack lol I booked AI at $1330 out of Qc City, direct flight with Sunwing. Flygt, which email is best to send an email to Relationes publicas (Guest Services)? Those of you who have gone, what are your comments on the alacartes?BTW, I encourage you to submit this contact info in the drop box so the admins-that-be can add the info to the list of hotel addresses in Cuba Contact info.

Will post my review, as always, when (if, heh heh) I return.

Hi all, been away for a bit…Went to France/Spain in September, and one week after we returned our gang in Moncton emails us with Heyyyy, we got a good deal for a Celebrity Caribbean cruise in March… you in? We will be celebrating our 35th year of blisssssster, so we dove in! This will be our first cruise.

But Cuba kept calling… so just booked Varadero last minute, Nov 30th, Melia Marina Varadero with a gal pal because DH cannot get time off until Xmas. Awwww, what’s a (retired) gal to do? Stay home and knit? Nahhhh, "you know I love ya Baby but it’s just too heavy to laugh"

Gotta say I’m excited to go because a Cuban friend has just had a baby so can’t wait to see her! (tià loca, watchout!)

I second the idea of maple products. Cubans looove sugar in any form, but chocolate (like Nutella, for example, other than chocolate bars), maple syrup, jams and jellies and even port are welcomed with oohs and ahs
Well, Cayo Santa Maria is out, were there last winter, they had lots of erosion so getting "down" to the beach was just that. The HUSA has quite a large stairway down.I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Jibacoa for snorkelling, it’s worth a try…

The beach around the Coste Verde is small but nice, coral reefs very close to the shore.

Whaaat? The Capitol is STILL under renos??? Geez Louise! Is it open, at least? It was closed to the public the last 2 times I went thru…

Hey Sue, have never been to any resorts in Cayo Coco per se, only a few on Cayo Guillermo (also close to airport) and Cayo Santa Maria.The ones I can recommend are_CG= the Melia, the Iberostar DaiquiriCSTM= the HUSA (huge resort) and the Melia (in that order, definitely preferred the HUSA).As was mentioned, if you are looking for tons of activities and excursions, perhaps CC is better.

I have to say that the beaches on CSTM are to die for! and personally (depending on the flight times), I do not mind the 90-min run from airport to the resort; you get to see alot of country, go through 2-3 towns, so very interesting, especially for first-timers.

You can check our reviews of these hôtels in the Review section, to get a better idea. Buen viaje!

I remember that too, the employees not wearing name tags. On day 1, I mentioned this to one of the managers who was omnipresent and his reply was "Oh yes, of course, we are waiting for a long time for the tags. They have been ordered but we have not received them yet".

Wait a minute!! It depends on what time it is (somewhere on the planet)Personally (sorry to disappoint), I prefer wine to any other bevrage, so drinking in Cuba does pose muy problemas para mi… (not)

During the day, I’ll have either a strawberry daiquiri (so shoot me) or a Coco loco (so have one with me) or maybe a Pina colada or………. even water!

Cocktail hour, it’s the bubbly, and late night I might venture into the territory of a Brandy Alexander, miummyI usually abstain from drinking wine during supper, for obvious reasons (no not because I’m tipsy but rather cannot stomach the wine at AIs, unless it’s champagne) BTW, drg, Michel at the Playa Pesquero hotel has gained the reputation of making the best mojito in Cuba… Just sayin’!

I also travel to Cuba during off-season and shoulder-season periods (Nov-Dec-March). I’m assuming that booking during these dates means slight changes in availabilities (i.e., certain sections closed, some a-la-cartes as well).

Thus far, we’ve been lucky with our dates, great weather (muy importante), well-stocked buffets + appropriate number of staff. All we want is to get away from hectic life here and enjoy west and wewaxation, don’t worry, be happy…

Who are we to complain? It’s friggin’ ALL INCLUSIVE, DUDE!

eeefarm, wooooooooooooooow, your blue sunrise at Jibacoa is fantasmic! Is that photoshopped blue or actual coloring?For some reason, I realllly love that photo (even though I crave the yellow sunrises and sunsets)!!Here’s sunrise at the Iberostar Playa Alameda (Varadero)

I like Iberostar better than Melia – Si !!!

Me too… but always looking to be impressed!

When we were on CSTM in December, at the HUSA, the stretch of beach was absolutely breathtaking, but a lot of erosion in certain areas West of us. I DO concur that even if the ride is 1:30 min from the airport, it goes by quickly, with drive-trus in Caribarien and Remedios and a few other barios (especially for newbies). It’s important that we see the REAL Cuba, on our way to the Tourist Cuba…

Hey cubakingone,Would you be so kind as to include your references when you post such information?

Where will the royal section of the PP be located? Right or left facing beach? I noticed on the left was an "uncharted" area, near a canal, with what looked like an abandoned kids’ summer camp on the opposite side of this canal.

Oh wonderful, Canuks!God knows how many pictures of sunrises/sunsets we Canadians take when we’re in Cuba; can’t get enough!):Sunrise at the Melia Cayo Guillermo, Hemingway pier, 2007

This one’s a sunset off the Husa at Cayo Santa Maria, 2013

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv hummingbirds! They’ve arrived here in Québec, saw one in my feeder this morning. Sweet!

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