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Most recent contact info for the Memories Holguín Beach Resort (formerly Grand Turquesa):

Email: [email protected]

Address: Carretera a Guardalavaca S/N Playa Yuraguanal Municipio Rafael Freyre, Provincia de Holguin, Cuba Postal Code 83300Phone: +53 24 433540

The Memories Holguín Beach Resort (Gaviota-owned but run by Sunwin/Blue Diamond) used to bethe Grand Playa Turquesa… which used to be the Occidental.

Anyone have the CURRENT contact info for this hotel, circa 2015?


The Grand Playa Turquesa is now Memories Holguín Beach Resort.

Love love love it. A capella is so hard but boys oh boys, estan stupendos!
Thanks for sharing, Spunkypoo, I’ll pass it on.

Bumping this back up. We just booked the Memories in Holguín end of November (our only Cuban trip in 2015; better late than never lol) and the TA will cover our exit taxes. In researching this trip I did notice that some TAs do NOT indicate on their websites that the exit taxes are included in the ticket.

Just wondering why that is.

So we just got off the phone with Selloff: We’re officially booked for Holguín, Nov 29th, Memories Holguín Beach Resort for the wonderful steal of a deal of……………. wait for it…………… $855 all in!

Somebody pinch moi! Never paid so little for a 4.5*

So wear a wetsuit already! Lol
Monctonguy is right about Varadero, and it would also be a good place to start if you’re thinking about an excursion to Havana, a must-see.My faves in Varadero are the Iberostars Laguna Azul, Playa Alameda, and Tainos, as well as the new Melia Marina on the tip of the peninsula.

That said, being further south, Cayo coco may be better weatherwise in January…just my 3 cents worth.

A cave on a mountain top with berries and nuts would be a lot cheaper, LOL

Yeah, but I’d die without the shore… And champagne lol

Yep, like to move ‘n groove, don’t drink beer, and I stay away from desserts (altho did cheat a bit on the cruise lol)
Moderation, moderation… Taoist training and all dat jazz…

Better late than never… Here is my review.CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE CRUISE, March 1-8 2015New ship. We had room 8111, Deck 8 forward. Our bed was near the patio door, so blue sky and sound of waves morning, noon… and night J A few reviews mention “cramped space”, but we had no space issues. The bathroom was big enough for two, the shower was hot and clean and the room was spotless (our 2 stewards made the bed in the morning, cleaned up during the day and turned the bed down each night). Some folks had room service on their deck; we rose early every morning to walk, exercise (oval track, gym and 14 flights of stairs) and I even took a yoga class on day 2, –NOT relaxing tho, no vini breathing, more power yoga, fast repetitions and geez Louise, we all forgot about the rocking boat, everyone lost their balance at least once lol You had to be there…FOOD: 10/10 Wowwww. Gastronomy at every turn! Thankfully, I only gained ONE pound J The Buffet was well stocked for every taste, from gluten free to sushi, from fresh fruit to deli, from healthy stir-frys to fresh breads/salads, and of course desserts galore. We did not visit the specialty restaurants but heard only good things from other tourists. Our party’s evening meals were in the Grande Cuvée grand dining room with delicious 4-course dining. The staff was multilingual, professional, and funny. We had the CLASSIC Beverage Package for this trip, which meant a choice from a long list of free drinks and wines up to $112 per day per person, no brainer. During the day, free ice water everywhere and yummy Mango daiquiris, Coco locos and beer, and evenings with Cavas, Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Grigio, what more do you need? J Of course, specialty coffees with a lot of liquor in them were extra, as were specialty drinks like martinis, exotic drinks and liquors like scotch, expensive vodkas etc.ENTERTAINMENT: The best I’ve seen e-ver! Very professional, Vegas calibre, imho. Stand-up comedians, circus acts, dancers, even a crew talent night. Each night, a pleasure to behold. The Casino was packed every night (not interested) and there was even a karaoke bar. Several interesting bars and lounges. Daily live music around pool and evenings in a couple of bars and the Central hall, all top notch.The head Entertainment rep, Rich, an English chap with over 17 years experience, was hilarious, multi-talented, great dancer, M-C, great guy all around and fantastic ambassador for Celebrity. Our Greek captain partook in several presentations, including the talent night; gruff-looking, stone-faced facade but actually pretty funny. He kept calling the ship “the Seep”, which of course fueled Rich to make fun of him at every chance JSTOPS:San Juan: quite a large city, wonderful view and entrance to port and Old City, where we docked. The Old City looks somewhat like Old Havana, coloured buildings, palm trees, street vendors, bars, hotels. The fortress and fortifications were interesting, and the view, breathtaking. Shopping was quite expensive, tho, so bargaining was a must. We stopped for drinks at one of the only bar-terraces we saw, the mojitos cost $10! Yikes! Quite the surprise when the bill came around… Lesson learned: ask the price when u order! Duh! There were no beaches nearby so just walked around the Old City. The 3 elderly ladies in our group took the guided tour of the island in an A/C minivan… and loved it!. We were in port from 3 to 6 pm, with the boat leaving at 8pm.St. Kitts: Beautiful island! Of course we were besieged by tour guides as we disembarked, our dozen or so party found a taxi van who took us to Cockleshell beach ($14 return per person, 25 min ride, beautiful views) for some much needed beach time. SWEET! Bob Marley’s “family” was everywhere (!) and the smell of pot was noticeable among the locals lol Nice beach, chairs with palapas were $5, beer was $2, but terrible bathroom!! We still had a great time, just chillin! J Once back at the dock, we stopped for some shopping. Tons of jewelry stores, souvenir shops. Ya gotta bargain! Picked up a really nice ring for $60, 85% off (upon my return checked with my jeweler who said nope, tis not an emerald but rather a well-cut glass imitation and those are Zirconians, not diamonds (dang!), but the quality of the silver and the settings estimated the ring around 100$, so ok) Were there from 10am to 4pm-ish.St. Maarten: tiny island, the large beachfront and boardwalk is Philippsburg, with a gazillion vendors, beach bars/eateries, boutiques, everyone looking to make a buck. Chairs+palapas on Great Bay beach near dock went for $5, beers $2, sangrias et al. a bit more. Found a spot way up on the beach, far from “the madding crowd”, where we munched on bananas and muffins from the ship and swam in the warm waters of the bay. Sweet! Were there from 9am to 3pm-ish.ON-BOARD SHOPPING: All of the boutiques on board were wayyy out of our means, like watches galore at $4000, for instance, but every day there were “1-hour street sales” where certain (read between the lines) items went 75% off (not designer, mind you). Tons of Pandora-like bracelets, earring sets. People were running around like it was Boxing Day at Future Shop! Even bigger sales our last day at sea, take note.SERVICE: 10/10, truly exceptional! Employees were E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, all day, all night. Close to 1 crew member per tourist. Always smiling, helpful, available, many even spoke French. The staff acted like they actually LIKED their jobs. The crew is international; Greece, the UK, the Philippines, Honduras, Macedonia, Croatia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Ile Maurice, Kenya, Japan, etc., all working together, all very friendly and professional. The ship was spic and span everywhere and at all times, from staterooms to public bathrooms to buffet to deck, from embarkment to disembarkment. A well-oiled machine. There were a lot of elderly people aboard, but directions were always clear, big signs, daily audio bulletins, daily messages+info delivered to our rooms, destination info, nightly shows, etc. The waiters, bar staff, room stewards, meet and greet staff, everyone was wonderful. Can’t say enough how this influenced our opinion.Kudos to Celebrity Silhouette, we recommend this cruise without hesitation!

Cayo Largo on my bucket list…
Hoping for more flights out of QC City,not much choice ;(

Hailing from Moncton myself, I can say that when you grow up summering with beach water at a certain temp, you get used to it.
Of course Cubans think we’re loco as all get out when they see us going in for an early morning or late day dip on an overcast January day lol

Just as I suspected, all different answers lol Oh well, to each his/her own.
Our number one must is long swimable beach

Always spend summers here between our respective families in Qc and New Bee. Can’t beat new Brunswick beaches in July-Aug. Exquisite sunsets, warm waters AND lobster, what more can you ask for? (Sound like a tourism commercial, don’t I?) ????????????????

As for Cuba, have been as early as January ( not my favourite time), Feb-March and April (the latter ideal, imho) as well as Nov-Dec (surprisingly hot and muggy, welcomed relief from Da Frozen Nort!)

I hear ya! Our usual carrier to Varadero out of Quebec City, Sunwing, is currently offering no flights earlier than 10 am departure. Bummer! We lose almost half of day 1 (beach time) and returns start at 3 pm so we lose out on a full day there as well. Air Transat offers somewhat more advantageous hours…

What’s up wit dat?? ????????????????????

Looking for a quick dip in Cayo Coco area before our Hawaii trip end of Feb. STOP.Got 2 questions. STOP.Too lazy to research old posts on the subject. STOP.So shoot me, slowly. STOP. ????1. What’s the currency situation these days? Have not been since last December. Still CUCs?2. What’s YOUR favorite Cayo Coco resort, aside from the Melia C Guillermo, my personal fave? Have not been to C Coco per se.

Gracias! ????

Been to Holguin area twice in Nov and Dec and both times wonnnnnnnderful weather, some clouds, morning or evening 5-min showers only.
With Dame Nature, you never know, but at least you’re on vacation away from Da Frozen Nort! ????

Hey ald1, contente de te retrouver!
How about a nice couple’s spa treatment or massage during their stay? Guys don’t usually go for this, but you know what they say… Happy wife, happy life!
Alrighty, lights, camera, action!Punta Cana 2011, staying at the Grand Paladium with a large group of friends. It’s the first time in DR for several of us, and we quickly notice the differences in how the Dominicains wheel and deal on the beach. A bunch from our gang head down the beach toward the arts & craft market one of girls had spotted earlier. The gals were looking for deals on pareos and paintings, whilst the guys’ mission was to find the cheapest rum and cigars.What could go wrong? The ladies were champions in their field of expertise (haggling)…and the boys, their testosterone flying in the wind, felt like they were going to a playoff game without the wimmins!As the guys are venturing into their chosen territory, a Caucasian shop owner comes forward smiling and yells "Allô les Canadiens!" Well, this Quebecois quickly got the attention of the 5 French-speaking Acadian fellas, who cheerily greeted him back and sauntered over for a chat. One of the guys took advantage of the opportunity of meeting a "local" and asked him where they could get rum at a good price. The chap answered that altho he sold only clothes in his shop, he DID know where they could get some at a good price a couple of doors down, should they be interested. So off they all go (I will spare the "hopping and skipping like kids in a candy shop"!). The quebecois shop owner, true to his word, brought the guys to a shop 2 doors away and introduced them to his amigo, stating that they spoke French and were friends, so to give them a fair deal. The Quebecois then bed them a wonderful visit to the area and turned around to return to his shop. What happenend next was, as they put it, like something out of a movie. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, what looked like a violent escapee from a psych ward comes running toward the Quebecois, baseball bat in hand, screaming Spanish bloody murder, and attacks him. For a split second, everyone just stepped back in horror. One of my friends, a 6ft3 RCMP, was among the group. He related that the "perp", for lack of a better word, proceeded to beat the guy with the bat-like stick, his other fist, and with kicks, absolutely purple-faced with rage. Several locals did intervene to stop the fight, and our guys were quickly told to leave before the police arrived. The RCMP buddy checked to see if the victim was tended to (minimal injuries) and they all rapidly left the area and the crowd gathering outside. Whew!

Turns out the armed man, a local rum mafioso, owned the shop across the alley from the Quebecois and had had enough of the guy for "stealing his customers" so wanted to teach him a lesson to mind his own business! Yikes! Talk about perro eat perro!

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