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2 years ago, we were originally booked at Jolly, but got an awesome last minute deal and switched to the Sandals instead. So one day, we took a taxi to Jolly and asked to look around (to see what we would have had). A very nice staff member took us on a complete tour of the whole resort! It was December, and COMPLETELY deserted. Which kind of gave it a creepy feel. However, it had a great main pool area with swim up bar. Seemed very clean. The beach was large (long). When booking a room, however, definately do an upgrade. The basic room was so extremely tiny, I couldn’t believe it. There was maybe 1 frt of floor space all around the bed and that was all!! I’m not kidding! I thought the Disco was itsy bitsy, too, but it was daytime and there was nothing going on, so not sure if it is a "happening" place at nighttime or not. There are great reviews on tripadvisor that I had read at teh time, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Also, I’ve been to many caribbean islands, and I still like Antigua the best. The people are all so nice and friendly! I think you will have a great time.

You will love Antigua. THere isn’t a whole lot extra to do, but for relaxation on the beach, it’s awesome. And the people were so nice. I’d check out St. James Club, or Pineapple Beach or Jolly Beach. Like I said, SAndals was OK, very "romantic" if that is what you are looking for. And great food. There is a great newsgroup board for Antigua at .I’ve been to Jamaica and that was a good time, too. All Inclusives are our thing, too. Some people say the service and food aren’t as good, but we have never been dissappointed yet. We are heading to Cozumel this Dec, and possibly a night stop in Cancun.

Have a great time at the Mayan Riviera. I’ve been very curious about Maragarita Island, but haven’t made it there, YET.

Wow, how come no posts on the Antigua board? Maybe someone is afraid to be the first. WE were there 2 years ago and stayed at Sandals. I love the island. I think it is my favorite. The beaches are great, and the people are so friendly! We returned for a week after a stop on one of our cruises, and decided we just had to go back. Sandals was OK, first time to one, and I was actually a bit disappointed. I think I’d check out a differnt resort, but definately want to go back again.

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