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Thanks sundog. I want to underline that I am not at all laughing at the incredible seriousness of a plane crashing on landing, or on the terror that many of the passengers and crew lived through. What I was left shaking my head at was Air Canada’s insistence that it was a “hard landing” and not a crash (the plane “touched down” 1,100 ft short of the runway), and on passengers complaining that they were left waiting for almost an hour (under a protective tarp) in shorts & flip-flops until they were transported to the terminal. It was a crash, (imo) no matter what AC tried to call it, and the passengers could be glad that first responders arrived within 90 seconds of the plane stopping, instead of complaining that they were cold in their shorts.

It’s a good heads-up to be dressed appropriately when landing in Snova Scotia – or most places in Eastern Canada – during the winter.

I’m thinking that the spelling mistake that Mad referred to is your use of your, instead of you’re; and there it is again.

The Crocodile’s bats are heating up as well. 13-0 in the 7th!

CubaVision is much better today but I’m still frustrated by the picture quality.

Mad: sad it is, but you did make me laugh at a terrible situation. I know you Bluenosers have been having a worse winter than we did and I had hoped it over for you. Glad that no one was seriously injured. Especially when they knew the approximate time they were landing; you would think that the passengers were clothed ready for touchdown! I always find it very cold in a plane cabin, so before we take off I already have my Canuck clothing on! I haven’t heard any more news about the passengers standing on the runway for an hour wearing their vacation clothing; so I hope no one got frostbite!

Hey Dustyjoe: we now share the same avatar! Welcome to Debbie’s and thanks to CJ for luring you over! You’re in for a treat; not to mention current members have a great sense of humour that is just like yours. So I guess from now on we have to sign off with Cheers!

Had a bit of a discussion on "another forum" about where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet. I’m hoping that maybe I can get the fellow I was talking with to have a look at some images I prepared, and maybe he will get interested in participating over here.Now, let’s see if I remember how to post the images.

That plane was supposed to depart Halifax back to Toronto earlier this morning, but AC cancelled the flight due to “maintenance issues”. With an engine, a wing, the nose & bottom torn off, it is a bit more than maintenance that is needed. It will take special products to clean those seats … I’d bet many of them are ruined.

We’re looking to go the first or second week of May so I think we’d miss all the closures.

depending when you are going might be a big factor

…… I will always be an advocate for PRDO. We have had such great times there….. but this summer 2015 June 1 – end of Aug. they will have the main pool closed for renovations and will also be taking the time to renovate 100 rooms. Come Sept it will be wonderful….but with the lesser number of guests, there will be far more than normal rotating restaurant "dark nights"… and the service might slip a bit because of that. So if you do not mind a bit of inconvenience it will be like having your own semi-private country club resort.

I’m still on the fence. Thinking Paradisus Rio De Oro again or back to Akumal Beach Resort in Mexico which has recently been renovated to a 4+ resort. Neither is what I’d call a good price but I figure a good deal at either of these is rare. Air Transat is going to charge us $720.00 total to upgrade to Club Class this year though to Mexico. Last year it was only $600.00. After seeing the lines in the Cancun Airport, both coming and going, there’s no way I’d fly there without Club Class.

It was only a matter of time. Prices to the Sunny South are starting to look much more attractive out of YYZ for April and May. It will only be a matter of days before I pull the trigger on a last minute deal :). Cuba is still on the top of my list for NOW. LOL.

Sorry guys, was just trying to be helpful! also – no spelling mistake, Solidays is a play on words.

Hope your all having a good weekend.

Spin: Air Canada describing a crash landing at the Halifax Airport last night as a “hard landing and the plane left the runway”. Glad that nobody was killed. Some passengers were returning from southern vacations and were in shorts & flip-flops. The plane landed during a snowstorm – and of course some of those passengers are already complaining that it was up to an hour before they were bussed to the terminal and they were very cold in their shorts and t-shirts. The plane looks like a write-off. Hard landing indeed.

I guess the Tigres bats are heating up !!!! They set a play off record with 25 hits . IF they can keep them hot I believes they will be playing the Islanders for the championship .Cubavision should be ok today.


Thanks! I’ll give that a try next game. Perhaps Cubavision was just having a worse than normal day. I really miss Elmonaco49, the picture was very sharp compared to Cubavision.
Hello all. I haven’t been on much. Been going through some ups and downs in life lately. A year later after an accident at work and my hand still isn’t working right (some of you may remember me posting about it. Anyway, my wife and I just booked a trip to Sol Cayo Santa Maria and I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations, ie: rooms to request etc. We’ve never been to the Cayo Santa Maria, so any other area advice is welcomed too. We were looking to go back to Cayo Largo but the prices were better this year for CSM so we decided to try it. This trip is for our 25th anniversary so really hoping it will equal what we have come to love of Cayo Largo.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

We got lots of quotes and ended up using a 55 pink Caddy convertible for an hour in and around Varadero for 20CUC total for the 4 of us, 25 CUC for the 59 Olds convertible back and 5 CUC for the horse and buggy around town. Priceless.As Beansntoast says, these aren’t real convertibles but topless cars. Original? Absolutely not! With gas at 2CUC/l and diesel around 0.50CUC/l our first ride had a transplanted Mercedes engine, our 2nd, a Mitsubishi and one along the way had a Russian Hino diesel with a Toyota AC unit.I got some shots of under the hood and though very clean, it’s Franken-Car heaven. 10 years ago they had Lada engines.The horse was 100% organic.

For a trip to Havana, there are newer AC’d vans with great views and comfortable seats. We had quotes as low as 130CUC for 4, return, for a 7 hour day. Also had quotes for 300+CUC for the same trip.

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