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We aren’t discounting Saint Marten. We were only there for about 6 hours but were intrigued by what we saw. Seems like with two cultures on one island there’s much to explore. Plus someone likes to jewellery shop.
We did go to a travel show this weekend and now we have about 10 lbs. of books to go through so many destinations so little time….

Most of the coffee they use at the resorts for the in room coffee makers is ‘Indiana’ brand. They only leave you one packet as a rule. If you like Timmies, I suggest you take some with you as Spunky suggests.

Thanks Cristal we will be heading out on April 14th. If it were up to me I would have waited to book for another week but my wife has already booked the time off work and we have already missed out on a great deal that sold out before a friend that was going to travel with us could make up his mind. (2 days ago the Blau Costa Verde Plus , Nolitours ,sold out with in an hour of posting their lowest price that I have seen all spring) I didn’t even bother asking/telling him about this one. Nice friend eh? He can look for his own vacation. LMAO! Big John, I have snorkelled at the Blau Costa Verde and Memories Holguin (former RPT) in this region and enjoyed them both. The staff at Memories told me that the snorkelling is even better at Playa Esmeralda. We were going to Hobie Cat it over to Esmeralda the day before we left last November but the weather didn’t cooperate. I am really looking forward to it. I will most certainly report back.

Admin, I think we did OK for this April. I think I could have done a little better if we waited absolute last minute but because my wife booked the time off already and she has a specific style of resort in mind we didn’t want to miss out. IMHO I think September historically has way better last minute deal choices. You can always get a bargain basement price on a 3 star or lower if you aren’t too fussy. I think I will save September for my "office conference" ..cough, cough with the guys. LOL.

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

Please give a snorkel report when you return.

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

Lucky you I guess you got some last minute deal. This time of the year is the best for last minute deals Ok September is excellent as well!

No inexpensive SIM cards available.Rogers used to exclude Cuba on the their international plans, Telus (for once) works like a charm.Cheers,


Telus does have the best prices for roaming in Cuba. Others now provide plans as well and if you plan to use cell phone in Cuba the best way is to buy travel pack from your cell company before your go on your vacation.

Anyway just chatting with US brings Cuba big $$$. Maybe that was the reason and cold winter that prices were higher than usual in last few months.

I wanted to suggest Saint Marten but I realized that you already went there
Congrats George! When you leaving?

It seems like eons ago and we’d love to get back to this resort, but alas no decent direct flights out of YVR. Playa Esmeralda is gorgeous and imho the nicest beach in this part of Cuba.

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

We bring a few packets of vinegar from fast food spots and run them plus lots of water through the Cuban coffee makers to clean out the scale and crap.I use the coffee maker to make tea for my better half and enjoy the espresso at our hotels. If you love Timmie’s, bring it.

Others will know better about this spot.

The villas at Brisas Guardalavaca have coffee makers. What type of coffee maker are they? Should I bring coffee from home

to brew coffee in my villa?

I was more noting that your post was of the commercial variety than about the spelling and grammar errors. Many people unwittingly interchange your/you’re and there/their/they’re.
But if you pronounce espresso with an “x”, we can’t be friends.

A very scary experience for all. I felt really bad for the chap that said he felt like a coward because once off the plane he ran because he thought the plane may catch on fire! He said he was thinking about his kids. Well I think I would have done the same and my thought process would have also been the same thinking a fire could be next! No coward (imo)Not sure I would ever fly again after having an experience like that! Leaving next week on a trip and will be thinking about this no doubt!

Glad that everyone was OK.

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