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Hello squirrelgirl thanks for joining Debbie’s forum! Have you tried website they provide transportation from the airport to hotel I believe that they could organize mini van for your group. On the website the have phone number as well (537)-2045577 ext 1441 if you wish to contact them over the phone or you can send them email through their contact form on the website to save money on phone call. There is always option with private taxi (particular) and I hope some of the members here might have contact info to share.
Hi seasoned travellers!I know it is a 90 minute drive from Santa Clara airport to Memories Paraiso Azul resort is Cayo Santa Maria… we have a group of 5-7 people.In Mexico we would usually hire a van to take us directly to our hotel but i can’t see any similar options.Would a taxi be the only way other than the bus? are there any larger taxis available?

Thanks for your help!

Too bad they weren’t just as picky with the content where a lower steering column bearing and a U-Joint get mixed up LOL. You noticed that too, eh? Oh, well, its like that on any scripted "reality" show. They shoot a scene, and even if it doesn’t fit exactly where they want to use it, they just go ahead with it. Possibly the producers and editors can’t tell a driveshaft from a steering column themselves.Still an enjoyable show, though.
Looks like moderators don’t count.Thanks for the info. I just looked myself up and my location is wrong.

Good news is, I can ban myself anytime I want. LOL

Forgive me for this: From your profile: "Username: spunky Last Online: Jan 5, 2015 at 16:33".This is the end of September so for 8 and a half months someone has been posing as you. Identity theft I assume. Or maybe it has something to with being a moderator and you are no longer a plebe?

Corporate sponsors are picky about giving away the goods.
Too bad they weren’t just as picky with the content where a lower steering column bearing and a U-Joint get mixed up or a Cubata is identified as a Cuba Libre, LOL.

Not being a vegetarian I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the veggie selection but as said above the buffet has a very good and varied selection of pastas, salads, potatoes , rice, fruits, breads etc so I’m sure anyone could find a lots to eat. If there are no vegetarian selections on the a la carte menus I’m sure a suitable meal could easily be arranged.

Thanks Canuks! I was hoping you would see this! And yes, Canuks is definitely the PRdO expert around here.I’ll be linking this thread to the pm I’m responding to, so that person just may ask a few more questions here!Cheers!

GG 😉

I think it was Douglas Adams that first said it, and at the time, he was talking about VCRs. The same applies to the PVRs: They are great labour-saving devices. They can do all of your TV watching for you.

The series is really worth watching, even if only to see the progress on Ricardo’s Austin Healy. Those were pretty cool little British roadsters, and I remember wanting one myself when I was young.

thank goodness to PVR I will be able, when I have time – to watch them all. What I have seen is entertaining.

Shoppernut: I know the attraction of a resort that makes you feel great. I’m not a fan of Varadero (only been there twice); but I do know the feeling of family at your favourite place; its got to really hurt when it’s gone. But so far we’ve been lucky; haven’t had to deal with devastation or demolition. Our once favourite in the Cayo’s became unbearable for us so we moved. We went south and will probably have to move again, hopefully not any time soon. Once the real luster and surroundings and infrastructure get so bad that the place has gone hill drastically – we’ll move on I’m sure. Never been to the International but know that so many people were surprised when the sudden unexpected demolition occurred. But be pessimistic – who knows what you will find!!!

My first and still favorite was the Hotel Internacional. So much charm and character. Lousy food, close to town, best beach ever, small, wonderful staff who remembered your name. Oceanfront rooms were the best I’ve ever had. Sadly gone now

For me it was the first place aside from local that my sisters and I travelled to for our annual reunion. For several years we alternated a vacation to the south and the following year a shopping trip locally. Cuba was beautiful friendly and we felt safe. We continue to go and still benchmark all our holidays to our first Varadero hotel. Sad as it is our Varadero hotel is now closed but never forgotten

Hello experts
I have used this very resourceful site for so many great suggestions and now I wonder if I can ask ……advice on this resort, room selection, is it worth extra cost for ocean view? I understand some beach areas have big drops ( not a fan) Is it easy to enjoy the ocean? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

there are great selections at the buffet for all types of diets. If you let the chef know what is important for you not to eat they can stir you in the best direction. But the buffet has amazing salads and non meat alternatives.

Hi,I’ve been pm’d over on the other site… whether there is are a lot of Vegetarian selection options at both the buffet and the a la carte restaurants at PRdO.It’s been so long since we’ve been… can someone here help me with the answer? Thanks!


Lovecuba: Too funny! I sure wouldn’t mind being stuck at Galeones as long as I’m home for Christmas Eve. I wish my TA hadn’t gone on vacay; he has ways of getting info for me as needed. Another reason to book with the same person wherever we travel to. He’s a godsend to disgruntled travellers and I found out he also lives in our little city so got his contact #s. Which didn’t help me in your case; just can’t win them all. Hoping that all works out for you and others. Please keep us advised.

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