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Hey Wos Man

Those pictures are incredible.

Some of them are better pictures than the photos in my reef diving book on my coffee table.

I am so happy that they turned out so clear. We now have tons of awesome photos to add to our albums of our dive adventures together.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

vmontpetit Guest

Really nice photography… the turtle shots are amazing. I’ve been eyeing Roatan for a while as a snorkelling destination. Have to do a lot more research on the best place to stay for snorkelling off the beach and possible trips out to other reefs.

Great photos – i’ve been eyeing Roatan for a trip in the fall. What hotel did you stay at? How expensive was the diving?

Hola TussYou will love it in Roatan if you decide to go.As Wossa mentioned, the dive shop does have awesome deals on their dive equipment and they do not charge any tax either.A couple we met there rented their equipment and on their last day purchased some equipment of their own. They were give an awesome deal and the dive shop manager said he would wave the fee for all of the dive equipment they rented for the week as well.

Wossa and I purchased ‘Rash’ shirts and shorts, a set each and were surprised at how inexpensive they were. We were going back for another set each and forgot to go the evening before we left. Oh well, we now have an excuse to buy more things on our next vacation there.

There is also a Mares shop in ‘Coxen Hole’ if you want more of a selection and it is owned by T.G.I. as well. They guy that works there is very helpful and can assist you in your purchases.Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

thanks for the info. Unfortunately it’s not offered as a package in the fall so i might have to save this one for spring.
thanks for the info. Unfortunately it’s not offered as a package in the fall so i might have to save this one for spring. Flights to Honduras out of Toronto ( package deals, flight only), usually run from December until early April.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………..

What fabulous pictures Wossa, thank you for sharing.We’re planning a trip in March of this year. Hubby is an avid diver and would like to know (if you’re willing to share) what kind of underwater camera you used. The clarity is fabulous and your pictures are like you’re right there.

Thanks !

Thanks Wossa, hubby would like to know if you’ve ever dived around El Cieba, that’s where we’re planning on going. We do want to do a day trip to Roatan while hubby dives, could you please recommend dive spots? Feel free to email me: [email protected]
Thanks ! ;D
Thanks Wossa, I’ll let him know about the shark dive, I think that’s on his Bucket List anyway
His first dive was in The Bay of Pigs in Cuba a couple of weeks ago so he’s quite excited about Honduras/Roatan. I know we’ll do a day or two on Roatan for just that !
The dive sites in Roatan are amazing. Every dive is different and your husband will be glad he went diving there.Have fun and let us know how you got on when you return.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….

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