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Hi there.. I’m new to the board and this is my first post. I was hoping someone could give me a bit of advice…. I am due to come to Aruba next year for a wedding… the b/g are staying at the riu… i really don’t like big hotels or small ones I like to rent condos…. so i can cook and pack beach lunches and really relax…. I saw a post below re: fraud renting a house… is this a big issue here? I always rent in the US thru home away . com and never once encountered any fraud… in fact most places were even nicer thaan advertised….and i was going to do that here is that safe???I was then told not to rent a white yaris as that would get robbed for parts minutes…

Also i had heard tales of bedbugs? Gosh no offense but is that a problem here??? It is in certain parts of the US so you just don’t go there…. what about here.. please no offense just nervous

I wouldn’t worry too much. I feel just as safe in Aruba as I do the states. You have to use your head. We have gone to Aruba the last 10 years and never had car parts stolen…or anything for that matter. Never had any bedbugs either. A lot of the major resorts rent condos…if you rent one from a private owner off one of the Aruba bulletin boards, make sure to check with the hotel to make sure they are the actual owners. We love Aruba and cannot wait to go for our 2 week trip in Jan. Have fun!

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