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Hi everyone
I am new to the forum. We (family with one 13 year old) are looking for a south destination for July – current considerations are Cuba, Dominican Rep. or Mayan Riviera in Mexico. Also open to Costa Rica, Jamaica – anywhere all-inclusive. Key criteria are minimal mosquitos (my son seems to attract them like, well, flies!) and then reacts badly to them – nothing life-threatening, just nasty red welts )

So looking for a resort with lots of activities for this age group but also in a locale without a profusion of mossies! We were looking at Cuba but heard it is quite horrid for mosquitos!

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, looking for mid-range as far as price – we cannot afford the Dreams (**sigh**) and most of the Iberostar resorts, but could probably swing Bahia Principe and definitely open to suggestions.

End of April to November is the wet season in that part of the world .. plenty of mosquitoes. A resort with a strong on-shore breeze, indoor A/C buffet and regular fogging would be better for you.

Once you find a resort, email them to ensure they offer all the features you read about .. but may not be available during the off season.

This year we enjoyed the Playa Blanca Hotel in Cayo Largo, Cuba.There is little to do except explore and relax. There was a good breeze and few bugs. A/C indoor buffet and they have fogging equipment if the mosquitoes get bad.

Good Hunting.

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