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After some prodding from friends and relatives my wife is suggesting that we try Mexico (Mayan Riviera area) this winter instead of Cuba again. Of course, everyone seems to think that the resort they were at is the greatest.I’d like to get some input from travelers who have tried different resorts. There are so many resorts that it’s difficult to narrow the choice by looking at reviews.We’d prefer at least a 4*, low rise type resort, nice beach with lots of shade & friendly staff. My wife has a little difficulty walking so a fairly compact resort is best – many of the resorts look to be large, sprawling places.

Any suggestions?

Are you looking for adults-only resorts? Is a nice beach more important than pools?

I’ve only been to Bahia Principe in Mayan Riviera and I’d suggest just from seeing most of the other resorts in the region that none are ‘fairly compact’, quite the opposite. However, once in your own section, there is little need to wander too far if you don’t need to. Everything you need is close.From what I’ve seen, most resorts south of Playa del Carmen have beaches not as nice as others in Cuba BUT beaches are subject to change and the recent hurricane that went through probably made a significant change. No word yet on better or worse. Personally, I found the people in Mexico generally more friendly and much harder workers than the same in Cuba. The food, as expected, was superior to any Cuban I’ve had. The other difference is normally price. Although, right now a 4* in both areas are almost identical in price for the weeks we’re looking at. I felt very safe in Mexico but I do a lot of research and knew what to expect and what to avoid. I have no hesitation in going back to Mexico.

You might do some research on Cozumel. Lots of 4* there and the resorts face west, not east so I think the beaches would be better. It’s on our short list.

Although I have been to the Bahia Principe 17 times and I love it, I would have to suggest Catalonia Royal Tulum. Compact and a nice beach. The beach at the Palladium was also nice but more so in the Kentenah section and the Palladium is a large resort. Just my 2cents worth and I am sure there will be a lot more to come.

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