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My wife and I will be staying in the Sandals Grande St. Lucia on March 20 and would like to know more about making restaurant reservations. Is there usually a line up to make the reservations?I had read that people suggest making all reservations on the day that one arrives at the resort. Is this the best way of doing it? Also how crowded are the resorts at this time (March)?Is there anyway of making reservations in advance prior to departure, for example online? I haven’t seen this option on the Sandals website.
My husband and I were at the Grande for our honeymoon in August 2005. I would recommend making reservations when you arrive at the resort. I am not aware of any way to make reservations before you arrive. We arrived later Monday evening and made reservations on Tuesday morning. We were able to get in to all restuarants that we wanted, with the exception of Kimonos at the Regency, which was booked the entire week we were there. Keep checking later in the week because several people we talked to cancelled or no showed on their reservation. There are lots of good restaurant choices that do not require reservations, so do not worry if you can’t get reservations to your first choice of restaurants. We loved Tuscanini’s at the Grande. The food at The Pier (at the Halcyon) was fair, but the atmosphere was great. We ended up getting in to Kimonos which we enjoyed, and also enjoyed dessert at Armando’s at the Regency, which appeared to have a great menu. I also highly recommend the crepe restaurant at the Grande. The dessert crepes are fabulous.On a side note I would recommend hiking the hills at the park next to the resort. It offers wonderful views and history, but be aware it is a bit of a workout and it can get very hot. We also enjoyed a wonderful tour of the island via a rental car and driver through the Avis desk at the resort. We selected this option instead of the planned tour groups, and were very happy. For about $130 for the day (including gas a tip for the driver) we were able to go anywhere on the island that we wanted, and were able to move at our own pace.

Have a great trip. We loved the Grande and St. Lucia.

Depends on your room category – some get reservations, some don’t. Then it depends on how crowded the resort is. But basically, if you don’t have reservations, you get a time and a reservation when you show up to eat, so then you go get drink and go back when your time is available.
Any North American restauranteur would be tearing his hair out, because you show up, you see they have 10 to 30 per cent of their tables empty, you think you are in, they say, no, those are reserved, but no one ever shows up for them. Since it is all inclusive they don’t think about losing revenue with an empty table, the wait staff just look at an empty table as a free ride for the evening.

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