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I am looking for suggestions on reasonably priced restuarants and to me thats in the $15 to $20 range……and……places to go at night for drinks…music…dancing.These would apply to the Sept time frame….so if you know a place but they close for vacation or whatever reason for the month of Sept………….ya know !

Barbados is one of the more expensive islands and for that I do love it. Keeps the riff raff out in my humble opinion. However, there are numerous mom&pop operations that will allow you to keep within your budget. You will not be experiencing anything upscale and may be dining on lighter fare (pizza, salads, pub style food, roti etc) but places are abundant from the Gold Coast down to the South Coast / St. Lawrence Gap area. Check out Cafe Sol for quick, delicious Mexican food, The Roti Hut and the local favorite "Cheffette" (the Bajan KFC). The place to be is definately the St. Lawrence Gap and Oistins Fish Fry every Friday and Saturday night. Not to be missed! Hope this helps. Barbados is a great island so enjoy!

So really how affordable can Barbados be? What have you typically taken for food and beverage allowance? We like nice vacations, dont need to do anything too fancy and dont mind cheeseburgers…lol, but like our beer


hi, going back jan.01-06 for 2 weeks, and each timt we went there we bring back alot of stuff, sugar, coffe, beer, rhum, and yes sand, with no problem…for the food we go out 2-3 times in a nice and fancy restaurant, and the rest we go to the market do the grocery and we cook in our hotel room, we save more that way belive me….19 days to go and counting

regards beachlover

So what is your budget when you go down?? I need to have some sort of working budget, but need to know really what people have spent in the past to be some what accurate.Thanks!!


I don’t know whether you’re staying at a resort/hotel or private residence, but on average, depending how much and how often you eat…you should budget for about $40-50 USD/day. And that’s being modest. If you”re planning on skimping on food, you could get by on $30USD/day. Remember that the it’s 2:1 US:BDS dollars.

Hope this helps.

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