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Cuba is now building retirement condos – For the best prices email Sol Melia. Mexicofor bestb prices email Sol Melia
Gordon, are you asking why the thread was moved to off topic from the Cuba forum?Geez, I don’t know because it seemed on topic to me:- "Retire to Cuba". Perhaps you need to change it to read "Retire in Cuba"?OTOH, seems to me that lately a LOT of cubaking’s threads are being moved to the off topic section on purpose. They are less likely to be seen or responded to there, which seems to be the point. While I don’t always agree with everything that’s posted, often because it isn’t very clear or a duplicate topic from a week prior, I am adult enough to just ignore these posts without complaining to admin/moderators about it.

Whether you like it or not Gordon, you seem to get "special" treatment!- and it doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve provided a link or not. So much for every member being considered equal and welcome.

This one was almost deleted because it was an advertisement and promotion to contact for prices. Twice. Instead, it was moved because we’ve given this poster and others considerable slack when it comes to commercial activity.

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