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busman7 Guest Would you consider retiring in Costa Rica for a quiet lifestyle in the country?What area?Looking for good weather, safety & that’s about it.

There are quite a few American ex-pats who have retired to Costa Rica. It is a beautiful and still affordable retirement location. Allegro who responds frequently to questions on this board is a Canadian who has moved to the Gunecaste coast. We met him on our trip; he also sells real estate and can give you some good insite.

busman7 Guest

Thanks for the responce Trillium will be checking for Allegro’s post

I have a friend who bought a house in the Golfo de Papagayo region of Guanacaste. She spends 7 months of the year there and loves it (with the exception of the rainy season which is upon them now). If I am not mistaken though, real estate prices have gone up considerably since she bought (kinda like everywhere else though)!

Many people are retiring in Costa Rica or at least spending part of the year here. The Guanacaste area is the driest part of the country and is slowly gaining more services made available to North Americans re locating here. There are new state of the art medical facilities being built and many developments catering to retiree’s. The beach areas are always popular but in the last year I have seen many more people request large parcels of land within a planned community. 24 hr security , 15 minutes to Pacific beaches, shopping and the airport. Lot prices start around $60,000 for a 1 1/4 acre lot and can go as high as $140,000 on local golf courses. Home building averages – $95 square ft.

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