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Hi there we stayed at Premier Fiesta in March for 1 week and we had a blast. We found that there was just so much to do that we may go back next March for two weeks. We were thinking of doing the Ecotour for the firsr week and then relax at the Premier Fiesta for the second week.Has anyone done this? if you have could you let me know how you enjoyed it/or not? Was is to much?Any info you can give would be great!
We stayed at the Fiesta Premier Resort for two weeks in August / July. Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos (see link below) we got bored after so much time there, despite taking four days to do tours off-site (5 days if you include the 4 hour ATV tour). With that said, we would highly recommend breaking the trip up. Perhaps one week in the Arenal region, and the second (more relaxing) week at the all-inclusive Fiesta. What this will do for you is make some of your day excursions MUCH shorter. I can’t remember the length of the trip to see the Arenal Volcano (3 hours? 4?) but it was a long one. There’s lots to see in that area that we simply couldn’t do because of the distance. So one week there, one week at Fiesta seems pretty ideal. We came across a few couples who had done exactly that and they seemed quite pleased with their decision. Hope that helps. avidphotog7

Hi there avidphotog7, we did the Arenal thing last year, we rented a car and drove there ourselves it is 4 hr drive, long day we wanted to stay at a hotel there but there were all booked up…..there is allot to see there, you could spend a few days just checking everything out. We have decided not to go back to Costa Rica this year, we are going to Panama for the 2 weeks. It is a little cheaper, probably not as much to do there, but still like to try something different.
> we did the Arenal thing last year > there is allot to see there, you could spend > a few days just checking everything out. Exactly my point! On the other hand I agree with you about not going back to Costa Rica. My wife and I are not big fans of going to the same place twice… there are just TOO MANY PLACES in the world to see. Never understood the people who go to the Bahamas (for example) every single year in a row… but anyway.

Even if you go to Panama, you may still want to consider dividing the 2 weeks between two different locations within the country. Just a thought. Either way, enjoy!

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