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NYBen:I assume that was your review and pictures of Nicaragua. Enjoyed seeing the resort again…….sure has gotten more plushier. Still a beautiful resort that is for sure. The casino was open when you were there? Was it busy when you were there? Didn’t seem like there were too many people about.Still fantastic sunsets I bet. Bebbie

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The casino was open Mon – Fri 7:00pm – 2:00am and 24 hours on week ends. There are also slot machines that are always open.They said the hotel was full but there were never many people around. Many bus loads went on tour every morning.Great sunsets. They do a good job and make everything easy. Hotel is old but still a great value.


Ben: Thanks for posting that link for more pictures. Nice.Did you request to stay in the hotel rather than a bungalow?


Not requested…Wife and I were last on the group list. They all got bungalows of which are much larger rooms and furnished the same as the hi rise.


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