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Hostal Santa Elena in Sancti Spiritus:Absolutely THE best!!Thania is a beautiful darling woman, sweet with a great sense of humor.Beautiful rooms/courtyard — looks brand new! We were going to get a hotel if this place was as disappointing as the last casa, but it was above and beyond our expectations — as good as a hotel and a LOT cheaper!Only $20 per night with a full size fridge. 2 five gallon jugs of purified water in the courtyard = free! Strong shower pressure w/hot water! Lots of lights/lamps that are bright, not dim like in other casas we visited.She was very accommodating and the food was excellent. Charming home with a charming owner indeed!VERY safe — the front door, and the gate over it, stays locked. You ring a buzzer, she looks down from the window to see who it is, then pushes a button to unlock the door. You walk up 2 short flight of stairs into the parlor.

I suggest that everyone look at your blog! Can’t believe that for the most part, you and Hubs lucked into such great casas. Every location, every casa, the good and the not so good. I’m still very envious!!!

Thanks Benni. I remember Sancti Spiritus as the only place we were bothered by a town drunk. Too bad really because we (our driver) ended up calling over the police who ended up taking him away.
It seemed like such an interesting place it would have ben nice to spend a little more time there. Seems like you are having a wonderful trip

Yes, there was AC in the rooms plus 2 big ceiling fans in the courtyard.It’s quite a walk to the center of town, but then I’m a big sissy when it comes to walking. It took us about 20 minutes or so to reach the main square.sund0g: We were lucky with it being our first time. The only bad casa was the Red Coral in Punta Gorda because the AC was out — we were miserably hot day and night. He wasn’t a good host, either. Hard to find him if we needed something.Oh, and the Hostal Giselda in La Boca. Very young couple — new at it — and spoke hardly any English. They seemed to just play it by ear. Hopefully they’ll gain experience as time goes by.iggy1: It was such a nice quiet town and, yes, we did have a wonderful trip indeed!

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