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  • Please look over your review and use Spell-check before sending to us, as we DO NOT edit reviews for spelling errors. Do not type your review all in capitals, REVIEWS TYPED ALL IN CAPS ARE HARD TO READ, and it is considered to be shouting.
  • Write about tours, restaurants, your room, the pool, the beach, etc. It is helpful if you include the room number or area of the resort you stayed in. It is also helpful to mention your age group and what you are looking for in a holiday. Feel free to make comparisons to other resorts you have stayed at or any experience youve had.

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We reserve the right to edit or not post reviews that:

  • give accounts of crimes or altercations involving resort staff. These incidents should always be reported to hotel management and/or police while you are at the hotel. We have no way of verifying details of these incidents and therefore cannot publish them.
  • only talk about one negative incident that occurred during your vacation – a casino ripoff, a theft, alleged food poisoning or other illness, etc.
  • are simply copies of letters of complaint sent to tour operators, resorts, travel agents etc.
  • mention a specific employee in a bad light (it is not fair to complain about an employee by name when they cannot defend themselves). If you have a complaint about a specific employee, this should be addressed with hotel management while you are at the hotel.
  • contain racist, sexist, or obscene language, or attack other nationalities or other reviewers.
  • contain reference to the purchase of illegal drugs or other illegal activities.

We do appreciate the time our readers take to write and send us reviews for posting. Note that reviews that are over a year old may be deleted from our review pages, depending on the number of reviews we have posted for that hotel/business, as reviews over a year old may not accurately reflect current conditions. We strive to give our readers the most current reviews on the internet so they can make informed choices.

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