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Aruba Grande Beach Resort  ~  Reviews Posted – 3

This resort is now called the Riu Aruba Grande Beach Resort

Aruba Grande Beach Resort Jeanne

August 2004

We have stayed at the Aruba Grand Hotel about 4 or 5 times in the past 10 years and have nothing but praise for the hotel and its accomodations. Beautiful rooms, beautiful beach, not crowded like some of the other hotels nearby. Service is excellent. We have met many people there who have been staying there year after year and who have a time share their. If you are looking for great weather, warm beautiful water and just relaxation this is the place. Restaurants on Aruba are fantastic. I can’t believe that anyone could be disappointed in the Aruba Grand.

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Aruba Grande Beach Resort Sharon
February 2003

I have stayed at the Aruba Grande many times, (over the last 16 years) and have seen many wonderful changes over the years. My husband and I chose to have our wedding ceremony right on that gorgeous beach. We could not have asked for a more beautiful setting, and the staff (they gave us the absolute best service going… I mean we didn’t have to ask for anything ) They just knew and we’re right on it! The restaurants have only gotten greater! The patio bars are a blast… What did you go to Aruba for exactly? If not the beach, wonderful restaurants, and a beautiful resort? The casino (yeah, it is small) But I know for a fact that it has more than just slots & 2 blackjack tables. Why was it not operating to full extent? It was July (is that the off season for Aruba) why Yes! I believe it is. The watersports are not owned by the Aruba Grande Resort are they? I think they are owned by natives that live in Aruba, so how would that be included in an all-inclusive? Again, I raise the question wasn’t your disappointment really with Yahoo Travel? I know that the way the resort is situated on the beach the rooms do face the ocean on the side (I think,unless you get rooms on the first 2 floors , where you can actually open a sliding door and step out on to the beach) I think all the rooms have beach view. I recently read a review of all the carribean resorts, guess where the Aruba Grande rated……….# 16 , sixteenth out of ALL of the Carribean. Maybe you ought to rethink your review. Great Food, Great Service , Great Room…l. What more did you want.

The fact that the resort is the smallest on the island was a benefit for us. We don’t like to be on top of other people, on the beach, they have private hut’s and the floats we’re free to use for hotel guests. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to relax & chill out on the beach!


Aruba Grande Beach Resort Vivian Florida
August 2002

Spent 1 week in Aruba at the Aruba Grande from 7/10/02 – 7/17/02. We booked through Yahoo Travel which I would NOT recommend. Once they received our money it is, as if they washed their hands of us. We had neumerous problems with the resort which I will go into later, we tried to call the Travel agency at a cost of $60.00 from Aruba and 10 calls since returning to the states and have not received 1 return call from Yahoo National Leisure Group or Yahoo. Hear it is Aug 8th and I have written letters & placed many calls to Yahoo travel and still no response.

The resort was stated as 5 star on the Yahoo Travel site, this should be changed to a 3 star. I can say 3 good things about the resort, the food was great, service was great and the beach was the best, not crowded and cluttered. This is more like a hotel then a Resort there is absolutely no activities, no shops, the Casino was not operating to the full extent. The Casino only had slots and 2 blackjack tables the other tables were closed all the time. If you like to gamble we had to go to other resorts.

We were booked by Yahoo Leisure Travel for an all inclusive which upon arrival turned out to be food and drink only, this did not include the Gym or non-motorized water sports, a big disappointment in both the travel agency and resort, really all we wanted were floats during the day and at the rate we paid this should have been included.

The rooms are adequate, we booked an Deluxe Oceanview room which was nothing other than a hotel room over looking the parking lot with a sideview of the water. They advertised 6 resteraunts and only had 3.

Other than the food being excellent I would not recommend this resort unless you are looking for relaxation and nothing to do.


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Last updated:November 2, 2004

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