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We are going to RIU Negril in April. Just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations for which building is best? We like being on the 2 or 3 floor. Do they have elevators??

Hello manaI stayed next door at the RIU Tropical Bay last June and went over to the RN for a quick visit to check it out.If you are standing on the beach looking at the resort all the room blocks are to the left of the main buildings, numbered 1 to 4 (one being the closest to the main buildings, pool, restaurants etc) 4 is a bit of a distance to the main area, so I would try for 1 or 2. No elevatorsI was on the 3rd floor at the RTB and it was great. No one above you.

I have never been either and was wondering if anyone has been lately? Just curious about airport transfers and do they take a long time? Also is there any suggestions as to how to pack for a trip in May? How is the beach shopping?

MohawkWe are also going in May, with reference to your question on transfer time when we were there in November last year the coach journey from the airport to the hotel took about 1hr 20mins but we did not have any stops, some coaches stop for refreshments so it may take abit longer.


ManaThe choice of building is down to you really Building 1 being closest to the amenities and Building 4 the furthest, we stopped in building 3 in Nov 2006 and this was fine the short walk (about 5 mins – with two young children) was quite nice.They do not have elevators so you have to climb the stairs, we were on the ground floor so this was not a problem for us.


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