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Room Number:
1076 and 1301

Room Block:

Arrived with group of 40 and check in was handled very quickly and efficiently.

Rooms: Our first room #1076 smelled and felt damp. There were bugs in the bed! We were very quickly moved to #1301 which smelled fine. Our key cards stopped working several times during our stay which meant lining up at the front desk – spoke with a guest there who had arrived the previous day and not yet been given a room key as the magnetizing machine wasn’t working – each time she wanted into her room, she had to come to reception and ask for a bell boy to unlock her room! Rooms were kept clean and we always had fresh towels and drinks in the fridge (we tipped the maid every day).

Restaurants and Bars: The restaurants were the most disappointing part of the vacation. Only one place in the resort for breakfast and as the resort has 846 rooms, it could be chaotic. Fresh omelets in the morning were very good but the other choices were not varied. Only one toasting machine in the resort – very frustrating. Two places for lunch but these served the same things with perhaps one main course different. The fresh pasta station at the Plantation was good. All the fish was fried until leather like and was unappetizing. The coffee dispensers were frequently out-of-order. Most disappointing of all were the specialty restaurants – the food was not freshly cooked to order – it was brought from the other restaurants and served buffet style (Mandalay, Steak House). The gourmet Sir Richard was very poor. The Japanese restaurant was very good however, and we ate there twice. The restaurants were not staffed properly and dishes were not cleared away promptly.

Hygiene – the chefs and folks who manned the buffet did not wear gloves when cooking/serving/replenishing food.

The beach was small but pleasant and kept clean; always clean towels available and lots of loungers; the ocean was perfect and we enjoyed that part immensely. Grounds very limited; no areas to walk around.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Snorkeled and used paddle boats. Tried to snorkel a second time and was told all the equipment was out – there was not a snorkeler to be seen along the whole beachfront so we suspect that they wouldn’t lend us the gear as we had not tipped!

Other Comments: This hotel has doubled its room number but not the amenities or staff to look after this number of guests. The staff were often unhelpful and certainly it was clear that many of them did not like their job! There was not enough staff to keep the lobby and bar tables clean and fresh. There was only a very small non-smoking area at the front of the stage and the restaurants were all non-smoking; ash trays were not emptied promptly – disgusting to non-smokers. Paper hand towels in all the public area washrooms ran out for several days and often the air driers were broken at the same time. The 5 star rating is certainly not warranted – probably closer to 3 based on experiences at previous resorts.

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