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Two women from Chicago 5-day stay. + positive beach/ocean Pool Most employees at resort were friendly (Nestor by pool) (Juan1 at All day buffet) – negative Musty room Apple vacation reps not helpful Drinks – beer Food Room service Door locks /security Resort – male workers that kept hitting on us, hand gestures Shops expensive —————- Two women from Chicago 5 day stay

Room Number:

Arrival: We flew in from Chicago. Thought apple representatived would be somewhere to help- not on arrival at DR airport. Our plane was late and as it unloaded onto the tarmack so did 5or 6 other planes. Disorganized and we were herded like cattle to pay $10 to get into the country. We waited in this line for 2hrs. While others paid the airport staff to get ahead of us. Once through what they consided customs we werent sure where to go. One of the guys who grab your suitcases for tips asked us what hotel and said apple and whisked us up to the little hut that was apple vacations and then out through a long long line of parked vehicles. He knew right where to go, with the apple vacation guy no where in site until he put our suitcases in the bus for us. So worth tipping the airport kid $5.

At hotel we had a few people checking in so a bit slow. Then they pull out this key with a large plastic keychain. One key, this I found very old fashioned until he gave us the key for the safe, along with the lock!!

Rooms: Mildew smell was quite overpowering, but figured we are on the ocean, some other places Ive stayed have smelled but much less so. (We didnt complain while we were there) Safe didnt work and had to call the front desk to get it open after locking it. He had to fix the lock and proceeded to flirt with me while my mom kept trying to work the lock, it went on for awhile as he kept telling her to try again as he was blowing kisses at me and saying stuff I couldnt understand-making me feel more anf more uncomfortable. No peephole on doors and no deadbolts, not even a slide lock. Woke up one night when sounded like someone trying to get in with a key. Air conditioned worked well, but only a thin sheet and thin coverlet on the bed. Beds were very hard and lousy pillows. Patio door could hardly use the metal latch to open or close it it was not on the handle, had to pound it with something to get it to move. Maid service was good, always clean and drinks restocked. Read reviews that said they went through there stuff, yet could tell with mine, nothing was missing, although locked everything mostly in the safe.

Towels kind of scratchy, water pressure slow, floors slippery even with gym shoes.

Restaurants and Bars: First off we are vegetarians that dont even eat fish, so we knew we would have a limited selection. We do eat Dairy. Although we picked a hotel with lots of restaurants with more of a choice. The food was mostly unlabeled and very bland. I guess as Americans we are spoiled, esp being from Chicago where we can get great pizza, Italian, Mexican and Chinese in just a short drive. The buffet by the pool was awful and had about the same food as everywhere else. Stuff that had been sitting out quite awhile. All I wanted was a salad with veggies! Talked to a few others at the resort – they did not like the food and they ate meat or liquor either Fruit was quite limited no berries, apples. Desserts were not tasty. We made reservations- which you have to do days ahead of time waiting in a line- at Luigis. The Italian food was ok, we had vegetable lasagna (no noodles!) they also had a few other dishes to choose from such as roasted peppers, caprese, and meat or seafood noodle dishes. The food was pretty good. The wine was horrible, and I am an occasional wine drinker, I couldnt swallow it down. There were no snacks at the pool bar, would have liked a bag of chips!! The ala carte one Don emanuel (?) restaurant had a lot to choose from, then again not very tasty. Juan 1 greeted us everytime and was wonderful! He helped us find a table and got us drinks, he spoke a bit of English so that was helpful! Room Service was awful, I wouldnt even call it that.

All in all for all inclusive came back dying for food!!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beautiful beach/ocean. Great pool area. Clean. Too crowded at swim up bar. People put towels out to hold chairs, 9am there wasnt many spots to choose from. Then you never see them return to those chairs, such a waste for others who enjoy sitting and reading. Grounds were nice. Servers at pool area – a select were very nice and polite(Nestor) -most others were overbearing and annoying; hitting on us as we were two women alone. Felt a bit uncomfortable by that. We are beer drinkers, or vodka and tonic or club soda, once in awhile wine. Yet the only thing after trying multiple different drinks at the bar we drank pina coladas. Beer was awful and warm. Heard even the locals dont drink this type that was offered here.

Shops would not barter with us – expensive!! Not a deal like Mexico

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Pool aerobics were fun, although a few women were getting out and saying no when the instuctor was giving people hugs, we got out of the pool quickly after that. Dancers at the entertainment stage were great and they had american music. Not many people in the audience were clapping and that bothered me, i ended up cheering and clapping loudly while getting dirty looks from the others around me. At least clap for the performers, some people are just rude I guess. The band and singer was pretty good yet again we were approached by the employees to dance multiple times, whereas we just wanted to relax.

After incidents around the resort did not want to go on excursions as didnt feel safe with just the two of us (women)

Other Comments: A lot of Europeans probably 80%. Not many people speaking English. Onlya few waiters knew a bit of English. Not that I expect them too, we are in their country. So if you are wary of that go to another spot! Overall the people who worked at the resort were pleasant, the male workers more so than the women. Although if I had to work there at least 14 hrs. A day for 11 days straight I wouldnt be able to smile as much as them. Apple vacation rep didnt explain how to get to the other RIUs we justkind of wandered around. Beach/ocean- beautiful Bothered by staff and vendors on the resort property- maybe it wouldnt be as bad if our men came, but wont be back to find out! Food bland

Beer bad and liquor not ‘top shelf’

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