Riu Paradise Island- Good for single travellers? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

We were there in June and I think the Riu is a resort where you would feel comfortable. My husband & I didn’t always eat meals or go for drinks at the same time and I didn’t feel uncomfortable sitting alone. People are very friendly.

We just returned from the RIU Paradise Island and I agree with "LovetheSun" at least as far as actually being on the resort property is concerned. Off the property may be a different matter. I went for a walk on the beach by myself fairly early in the morning and firstly had to listen to the hooting and hollering of a couple of locals standing by the beach and then was approached by a different local further down the beach who offered me a "smoke" (and I’m not talking about tobacco). I am very independent (and fairly fearless – sometimes stupidly so) and took this in stride but I have female friends who would have freaked if they were all alone on a fairly deserted beach and someone shoved a huge joint under their nose and started chatting them up.

I’ve just e-mailed off a fairly detailed review of the RIU to Debbie’s that should be posted shortly. Unfortunately, my review is pretty negative as we did not find the RIU to be up to snuff and I am baffled how the place has managed to get a 5 star rating from Sunquest. This is the first time I’ve posted a negative review and I hesitated to do it but I guess that’s the point of reviews, to express your opinion and if necessary warn future travelers of the negative aspects of a hotel.

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