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Heard lots about Roatan as a dive destination. Am currently considering Fantasy Island (FI) for a week in Feb with the wife.I am an exprienced diver with close to 200 dives, but my wife is brand new certified with 4 dives. I was just wondering how the diving is at FI for novice and experienced divers and how are the shore dives there as my wife will want to get as many dives in as possible to get more comfortable underwater.Also, is the food really that bad at the resort?Last question: Any other suggestion for an All-inclusive resort with unlimited shoer dives (may be in Cozumel)?Thanks in advance.
Hi there! We’ve been looking into this destination also – not that we are divers – but it looks like a beautiful place.We were chekcing out the Henry Morgan Resort – from what I’ve read it has the nicest beach. We have also read it’s a divers this resort (it’s popular with Italians) and you’ll get lots of info plus take a look at tripadvisor for some reviews.

I think it’s Conquest that is offering this resort / destination.

Thx shirleyujest,Am looking into Henry Morgan now. It just seems like FI is a REAL diver’s spot. Can’t seem to find any info on dive packages on Henry Morgan.

Does anyone know the cost of diving there and if there are any good shore dives there?

a year ago today, we were at Fantasy Island and no matter what level of diving you are at, FI has it all. We found no problem at all with the food. I would have like a firmer mattress on my bed, but for a week and the amazing we time we had at this resort, that was a very minor inconvenience.

Diver69,We are also looking at this resort. We are in the same situation, hubby is advanced with many dives and I am recently certified.We just returned from Breezes Curacao, I was certified there by Ocean Encounters Dive Op, they are really good and operate from Breezes. The diving in Curacao is fantastic!!!, Breezes offers free shore diving at the resort, you pay extra for Nitrox.We were at Iberostar Cozumel in the spring, and the diving there is great too, but a strong current so it is mainly drift diving. I didn’t see any shore dives there.
Am currently considering Fantasy Island (FI) for a week in Feb with the wife.
Hola Diver69Did you manage to make it to Fantasy Island in February with your wife to do some diving?.I met some people on the plane on our way to Honduras in February that were heading to Fantasy Island for their third time.They said that they loved vacationing there and that the diving ,dive boats, and staff, were great. I spoke to the same people at the airport on the way home from Honduras and they said they had a fantastic time. They did some great diving, and relaxing.

They also said that there are monkeys running freely around the resort. How cool is that!

I may also book a vacation to Fantasy Island, just to check it out. On one of my afternoon dives I met up underwater with divers from Fantasy Island. They go to some pretty cool dives sites as well.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….

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