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We’re trying to narrow down the destination for our next winter trip (you can’t start early enough, eh? ) I know, both are not really Caribbean destinations, but I was hoping I would get some ideas here from people who have been to either (or preferably both).We’re flying from Calgary. I’m not sure if there will be any changes to the flights and schedules in charter flights next year, but right now there are no direct flights to Roatan. For Costa Rica, there are only direct flights to Liberia, not to San Jose.So basically we’ve accepted the fact there will be stop over, which is fine.

If you had to choose between the two, which one would you choose and why?

These two destinations offer very different vacation experiences!Roatan is all about the diving & snorkeling whereas Costa Rica is for the many varied eco-tourism options.We especially enjoyed Costa Rica- stayed at the Allegro Papagayo and did several tours (expensive!). I would strongly recommend doing Costa Rica as a not all-inclusive vacation. A lot of the worthwhile eco opportunities tend to be spread out so you’re better off renting a car and doing a couple of nights at various places- Monteverde Rain Forest, Arenal Volcano etc. Putting together a personalized itinerary isn’t difficult.
Agreed. We loved Costa Rica, but yes, it’s pretty expensive. I was going to say we did a trip a ‘few’ years ago, but when I looked at the dates, I realized that it will be seven years this coming August. How time flies …..
Anyhow, it was an eco-tour arranged by an outfit called Costa Rican Trails. I believe they are still in business and if so, I recommend them highly. I have photos and a trip report filed at
thanks for the info!I looked into Costa Rica a few years ago, but the flights were pretty expensive at the time and we ended up at an all inclusive in Mexico again. ;DNothing wrong with AI’s, but we prefer to explore on our own. The thing with CR is, it’s so overwhelming! Maybe it’s a better idea to fly into Liberia, rent a car, stay a few days in the Guanacaste region, visit Arenal and Monteverde, drive towards Manuel Antonio and fly back from San Jose? I’m thinking about 10 to 14 days altogether.Also, I’m not sure about the distances and how much to spend everywhere. Any suggestions?

I realize Roatan is about snorkelling and diving, but are there other things to do too? And I assume it’s a bit cheaper than CR?

Sun Fun Vacations offers non all inclusive vacations to Costa Rica. I recall picking up a separate brochure for Costa Rica at a travel agency when we returned from the Allegro Papagayo because we felt strongly that Costa Rica was best seen/done on an independent travel schedule.

Check the info by clicking on the destinations & promotions links at

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