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Has anyone heard of this resort, been by it? Seen its condition or heard from anyone who may have stayed there?I am interested in hearing from anyone who has stayed there and has used their dive package. What is their dive shop like and how is the dive staff?Of course I can always go to their website, but would much rather hear things for myself ;D ;D ;DThanks,Deputy
Hola DeputyI stopped in to see the guy’s at "Squba Holidays" and talked to them about ‘CoCo View Resort’.I have actually passed by this resort but did not realize it until yesterday that it was the same resort you were asking about.So, this resort is a step above ‘Fantasy Island Resort’. When you leave the Roatan Airport you pass by, FI, then Coco View. I have not been inside of CV but the entrance looked nice.Apparently the dive operation is fantastic. They have been in operation for over 20 yrs. They have large boats and take you to famous underwater cracks, walls and the sites are only 5-15 min away on the protected South shores.You can rent, or buy Scuba gear at the Scuba Shop, and you can also get certified for a range of P.A.D.I….courses there.The pic’s of the resort look great and so do the rooms. The rooms all seem to have an awesome view of the ocean. They can also set up Shark Dives, White water rafting, Tours, etc. for you.To me, it seems like a resort worth checking out if you decide to head to Roatan Honduras. I did some dives in the area of CV and FI and the diving was awesome.Here is the link to their web site that is in the brochure……..

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………

Deputy ;D

The dive pictures from the "below the water" link look awsome, so crisp and clear. Not too sure about the Deputy and the "above the water" link, as it clearly shows a "hammock"…….bad history there, eh Dep.

WhoaaaaaaaaaaaaOMG…… Did you see the life size ‘Man eating’ Lizards on the ‘above ground’ photos?!How big are those things? and what do you think?………………… are they vicious?!They look bigger than I do and they have long, sharp looking claws on them.Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would never want to run into to those after a few shots of Tequila!!!!!!!!!!!!!Has anyone ever seen something that big ‘face to face’?.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

Not to worry Freedom Ryder, the more tequila you drink, the smaller they get and the bigger you get. Before you know it……they’re ants and you can just squash them. I’ll stand WAY over here and get the pictures for you.

Not too sure about the Deputy and the "above the water" link, as it clearly shows a "hammock"…….bad history there, eh Dep.

H-E-Y, I have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!!

I think I wake up to something that nasty every morning…JUST KIDDING. The biggest Lizard I seen was in Costa Rica at Plala Del Coco, a big and I mean BIG longer than me weighed more than me Iguana. It went running across a roof and scared the SHEOT out of me I can’t imagine one of those things chasing me down the road HAve to wear a side arm and take some target practice!

So what do you thinks is better? CoCo View or something on Utilia?Deputy

Hey DeputyFrom what I hear from the guys at the ‘Dive Shop’.. Utila is the place to be Diving in Honduras. I was told that there is much better diving in Utila and it is an awesome place to spend a vacation.I went to Roatan Honduras in February, because there were 12 of us that went Diving and someone else picked the destination. We stayed at a small ‘family run’ resort and almost had the resort to ourselves. I am thinking that I would not return to ‘Reef House’ resort, if I head back to Honduras again. There are much better places to stay that are closer to Coxen Hole and the West End, so I have easier access to shopping, site seeing, etc…..If you head to Roatan then I hear Coco-View is one step above Fantasy Island. Having said that, after speaking to others that have Dived in many places in Honduras, apparently there are much better destinations to head to other than Roatan in Honduras for Scuba Diving. Utila being one of them.I really do think that I would head to Utila if I have the opportunity, just so I can check out the diving for myself and compare it to Roatan.Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

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