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They’ve been building the stage for the Rolling Stones concert on the 25th for over a week now, it’s nearing completion at the Ciudad Deportiva complex in Havana. It’s pretty big, about 80 metres long x 56 metres wide x 20 metres high.No one seems to have any clue how many people will show up, but I think it will obviously beat every Cuban concert attendance record in existence.Congrats to anyone making it to Havana for that week. With Obama visiting (that’s a disaster in itself, countless tourists being displaced from their Havana hotels to alternative accommodation in Varadero)… plus the Tampa Bay Rays playing the Cuban National Team… plus the Stones concert… wow… Havana will be a total $hitshow…See you there!Cheers,


A “friend-of-a-friend” is working at the site. The Stones have flown in their own set-up crew, and locals aren’t allowed to touch anything. He said there is lots of emphasis on the stage being properly/professionally constructed … certainly more than has ever been seen in Cuba. There biggest concern is whether they will blow power to the whole city when the Stones start playing. I cannot fathom adequate infrastructure in Havana to pull this off without some serious challenges. Cripes – the emergency rooms at local hospitals here in Halifax are often overwhelmed when there is a big event in town. Can you imagine Havana? Locals are stockpiling bottled water and toilet paper to sell. Be prepared to pay through the nose. I preferred Woodstock. LOL

they are planning for 200,000 people for the Stones….this is not their first rodeo playing to third world venues…if anyone can pull this off… its the Stones

this gonna be fun!…

Actually they’ve set up the immediate area for 400,000 people which I think is (barely) enough, but the Ciudad Deportiva complex itself can handle up to a million people, but many of them won’t have direct sight to the stage.What I’m worried about is security and sanitary, both of which are Cuban responsibility. They’re used to handling huge crowds, but a horde of completely quiet, complaisant citizens watching one of the Castros drone on for hours is way different than the crowd that’s going to show up for this. I’m sure it’ll be handled, but I’ll believe it when I see it.Cheers,


Cripes…. if they’re using Ciudad Deportiva, then Indepencia/Boyeros, Via Blanca are likely going to be totally shut down with the crowds. And that’s the main route from the Airport into town. I can’t see all that traffic trying to use Vento, the only likely alternative route. Crowd control or not it’s going to be a zoo.

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