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There are a million AI’s all over the place. I am not sure I understand your question?Are you looking for some where romantic? Or some where advertised as romantic?There are a mililon places that I can think of that are quite romantic that are all AI’s

Deputy ;D

Beau and I make all of our vacations romantic getaways, no matter where we go.
There are lots of AI’s with a romantic atmosphere. We find them all romantic…what’s not to set the mood…swaying palmtrees, turquoise sea, soft sand, dancing at night to the ‘house band’ …oh darn! I just got back from vacation, now I wanna go again
Check the travel brochures for rooms with a ‘whirlpool tub’ (nice ) or ‘adults only’ resorts. Mexico probably would offer you the most selection…depends on what is ‘romantic’ to you


Hey deputy…you can always use your blow-up doll as a floatie …OMG…I’m getting a picture in my mind…sorry, couldn’t help myself.
Do you have ANY IDEA what a FABULOUS TERRIFIC idea that is? ;D ;DThat is totally something I would do. LOL thats great!! Yeah, I am so doing that!!


Ok. I’m laughing! Yes, I do have that visual and well hmmm romantic for some I guess. lol
Yes, everyone is right. Tropicals area very romantic. I guess I’m looking for something similar to what I saw on line with Sandals Regency in St. Lucia minus the rats, cockroaches etc. I like the idea of a room away from it all, hence a lil more romance ;), but because I am social I need a resort that has some livelihood to it as well. Without much travel experience, I have yet to see an AI with a bit of privacy. I’d love a personal plunge, jacuzzi outside but the idea of a whirlpool bath inside does nothing for me. I can get that here in winter.
I have spent hours so far searching on this site reading reveiws, it’s great! Has anyone been to St. Lucia? Is it true what I have read?
Has anyone been to St. Lucia? Is it true what I have read?

What have you read?

that they are infested with cockroaches and rats. It looks beautiful there and like it might be able to meet my needs of privacy at times and funat times. Have you been?

Crissy, you may want to consider Secrets Capri and Excellence RC in Mayan Riviera as well as LeBlanc in Cancun. Also take a look at Couples resorts in Jamaica.

Thanks prrollt. I liked the look of Excellence RC. Was the entertainment good? And what did you think of the beach?

Entertainment is so-so. It’s certainly not the party-type of resort.The beach was nice and wide but rocky in the water.
Ok. Thanks for the suggestions. Loved the look of Excellence but was just told that Morelos is far from excursions etc….very secluded. I love the idea of a romantic resort with outdoor private jacuzzi, plunge pools but think I need something not in the middle of no where. I know, I know, I’m getting pickier.
Thanks Shirley. Oh my….cold Canadian here. I can go with topless but bottom clothing I need to see on everyone. That’s me. Also I have never had the luxury of seeing a sunset across the ocean. Any other suggestion?

crissy, check out The Royal Playa Del Carmen. Fun nightlife on 5th Avenue just a block away from the resort. Nice beach and topless is widely accepted.

Guess that wasn’t a good link to click at work….LOLopsie


I can’t believe you of all people "Deputy", would say it wasn’t good at work…’s got to be gooder than all that paper work you’ve been doing…LOL, I bet it took your mind off the payroll for a second or two…

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