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Hi, I’m wondering if most wedding couples received a room upgrade? The IV has been booked for my wedding week for about a month now! We’re arriving late on a Sunday– so I doubt there will be much room to change things once we are there. I’d just like the perk if I can get it (I am bringing 26 guests to the resort). Cheers, L

I’m also staying at the IV for my wedding in April and the hotel as been booked since June and we were told that the room upgrade will depend on the availability… My friends got married at the same resort in April 2006 and were offered the room upgrade only a few days after their arrival…. They figured it wasn’t worth changing all their stuff so they stayed in the standard rooms… So there is stiff hope…. Anybody staying for 2 weeks?? We are thinking about it… We might have more chance at having a room upgrade the second week…

Wow the hotel has been booked since June 2007. I am getting married in May 2008 and we booked our party in September and we didn’t have a problem getting space. Maybe April is a busier month to go to this hotel. We still have some people who are coming and havnen’t booked yet. I keep telling them to book b/c this hotel books up FAST and they don’t believe so they will find out the hard way. We thought about upgrading but our TA has been there lots and says there is NO difference b/w the rooms. The only thing is a couch versus two chairs in the room. There is hardly a difference b/w suite and standard rooms. Hope this helps.

Your travel agent is correct in saying that there isn’t any difference between the rooms. Our agent arranged as a surprise to have us in building 17, the Junior Suite, top floor and the view was spectacular but not something I would pay the extra for on my own as we hardly spent any time in the room anyhow.

If I go on the Iberostar website and click on Hotels in Cuba, the picture shown in the "Rooms" section is uge…. Is that the junior suite or the presidential suite??? This room is amazing!!! I tought this was the room we would get in the room upgrade…

There’s a presidental suite? First I have heard of it. The room is big, quite roomy but so are the regular rooms. It’s just a little bigger sitting area which really you hardly use. Not worth alot of extra money but that’s just my opinon.

It looks quite big on the pictures…. There are twho windows… But then again, I don’t know how much it costs…..
We were given a room upgrade at checkin. We were in bldg. 17 room 1707. Here is a pic of the room;

Thanks for the picture! You’re soooo good. I can’t believe my time is coming so quickly. We’ve had some health issues with my guests, so things are up in the air for a few key people, it hasn’t been a stress free destination wedding for me. Cheers, L

Yes, there actually is a presidential suite. We were told my our TA that it is the top level of the other junior suites, I think bldg 20. It’s the building that has the square pool all to itself, so to speak. It’s the building away from the other rooms. Our TA didn’t offer it so I don’t know how much more it costs.

We had friends stay in building 20 and they are just other junior suites. Was the same room as us. This was last year though so maybe they have made some into presidental suites, I would like to see those, sound really nice.

They do look nice… How do I copy a picture in this forum?? I have the picture I found on the Internet… Just don’t know how to post it… LOL

This was the pic of the presidential suite that I found on the internet…is this the one cubagirl?

Actually, I was told that the entire upper level of building 20 was a presidential suite. By looking at the picture, it could be so.

Thanks Sandranf… That is the picture… I wonder how much it costs…. Must be $$$$

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