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Hi all, We have finally decided on the Royal Decameron. Is there a specific block of rooms that are best? We are 2 adults looking to chill out so the quieter the better and I am a swimmer so will spend time at the beach and adult pool. Suggestions welcome!
Hi Bebbie!That would be great. Is the map your referring to online? Your expertise in this resort is so helpful to those of us planning our first trip there.


Bechcrazy: You can access the resort map through Debbie’s forum. Start at the home page. Scroll down. In the lower right hand corner you will see Photos, Videos & Maps of Resorts. Below that Caribbean Resort Maps – click on this. Then click on Panama. You will see a map submitted by Debbie and Barry, that’s us and the one you want to look at.

I have a hard copy of one here that I will look at later and tell you what I think would be the quietest buildings to be in. Off the top of my head I am thinking of Buildings 22/23 area.

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