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Hi there Bebbie, or anyone else, can you tell me how far away the rooms are from the resort that are on the golf course? This is where we are staying….Do you recommend these rooms?….Thanks,Kelley

13 more sleeps!!!!

Hi Kelley:

Friends of ours stayed over there. It all depends on where your villa is located. It can be a fair hike depending on where you want to go. They were closer to Lobby 3. Which is good if you want to hang out at the pool there. It was quite a hike to get to the beach and any of the other pools and lobbys. They are nice rooms mind you – away from everything though.

Thanks Bebbie, I guess we will just wait and see, we can always try to change once we get there


Don’t shoot the messenger, as I am only repeating what we were told by the Nolitour rep:If you have a room in the villa, you can not switch to a room on the resort. Same goes the other way, if you have room on the resort you can not switch to a room in the villa. I know our friends requested to be switched once they got to the resort, but were told no. You might not mind the walk……as I mentioned it depends on where your villa is located.

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