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This is a question for people that have stayed at both resorts. Which is better as far as food is concerned, and what are the pros and cons.I am tired of going to the DR, although I love it I would like to try something new. I am still strying to convince my little group on Panama but they are skeptical. They have heard that the food at RD is not good but at the GPB is better. We are of Italian descent and are spoiled when it comes to food also some have problem with digestion and can’t eat anthing with sauces and eats mainly roasted chicken and vegetables. Having had a bad experience at the Royal Dec. in Puerto Vallarta they are comparing since it is the same chain.

How does the food compare with that of the DR? If someone has a copy of the menus or an idea of what some of the meals are, it would be a great help to convince them.

Did you notice that most flights to Panama from Montreal are Monday to Monday from Montreal and from everything I have heard stear clear of Sun Wing if you are travelling in the winter. Their planes are very small and have had to make an extra stop for fuel if they have a head wind.

The only airlines that fly out of Montreal are Air Transat and Sunwing. I much prefer to fly AT, but I heard so many negative comments on the food at RD and more favourable at GPB. Although RD is more to my liking as it is bigger, better entertainment, I need to consider the other people in our group with sensitive stomachs. Although Sunwing has stopped selling Panama for now, so if we decide on Panama it will be Royal Dec. So any info on food and its preparation is very much appreciated.

We were at the RD in January 2008 and our friends that came with us, one is a vegitarian and had no problems with the food. If the a la cartes wasn’t for her, she went to one of the other restaurants and had dinner there, very independant!

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