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We were there Nov. 28, 2005 for 2 weeks – most men did wear long pants at the a la cartes – my husband did some times and some times just some dress shorts with a nice shirt – but they did have 1 funny rule (I thought) for men at the a la cartes – no open shoes or sandals! That is all my husband brought were nice sandals (took his shoes out of suitcase because we were concerned with the weight of our bags) – so he wore his slippers/moccasins! Again, if he had worn sandals, I don’t know if they would have enforced the rule.
Hope this helps.

Just got back … didn’t know about the open toe shoes for men. Both my husband and son wore sandles to the a la cartes and had no problems

Wasn’t aware of that rule either and I know that all the guys in our party wore sandals along with shorts and nothing was said. Do you think runners would have been accepted if they enforced that rule?

We just got back on Jan 23 from Panama and had a great time. The only thing we were told during the introduction that NOLITOURS gave us Tuesday morning was that you are to wear foot wear, shirts and not permitted to wear your swim suit… at the buffet I wish they said you weren’t alloud to wear speedos… Too many speedos!!!

Exactly!!!Anyone with a body that can support a speedo wont wear a speedo…there were a LOT of retirees wearing speedos…Drink a few Coco Loco’s and you wont notice the speedos anymore.

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