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Hi,We were hoping to visit Panama this winter but don’t see any other hotel than the Royal Decameron advertised. Does anyone know if this is the only resort this year?I have a bit of a bum knee. Will this cause me serious problems or will I be able to manage? I’m hearing that there are a lot of stairs. Any info about accessibility would be very much appreciated.Thanks!


Grand Playa Blanca…….is another resort located in the area as the Royal Decameron. It is all one level – the grounds anyways. That would be better for you. Not sure who the tour operator will be – it’s been Sunwing in the past.

At the Royal Decameron, there are a lot of steps, but there are ways to remedy that…….if you are patient and wait for a van to take you from one location to another. Besides the steps you can always take the roadway, which can be considered steep.

Bebbie, thanks for the information. I have checked online with Selloffvactions and Redtag and the only airline appearing is Nolitours going from Montreal or Toronto. The only hotel listed is the Royal Decameron.

Strange as I picked up a copy of the Sunwing brochure last weekend and they showed Panama but with other resorts, not the Royal Decameron. I think I may give them a call.

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