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I’ve been looking at this resort for our Feb. vacation. Question – it looks absolutely terrific EXCEPT for the no beach problem. If we should spend the day at the Isleno beach, can we use their facilities? eg washroom and do we pay for our drinks there or do they honour all Decameron guests? Thanks. Diane

Hi There,
You can use all the facilities at all the decamerons. You have to reserve the day ahead if you want to eat lunch or dinner at another resort. You don’t need rservations for the snack bar at any hotel and drinks are also included at all the hotels. You can use the washrooms and bar service at all of them.

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thanks so much for your responses. Another question tho..(probably one of many)…when at the Aquarium and you go down those steps into the water…how deep would the water be (there are 2 women who do not swim) and does it get deeper further out? thanks again………diane

I have read that it is about 4 feet. Big Juice san andres island and also decameron aquarium tripadvisor and you can post questions and on trip advisor read reviews and post on the forum. Good luck, there is alot to read on those 2 sites.

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wow! i’ll say there’s alot to read….well i read for only about 10 min. and decided……… i’m booked for Feb. 8th!!!!! thanks ……..diane

From all I’ve read about SAI, I think you will be very satisfied choosing this destination. Some people refuse to go anywhere else as Big Juices forum attests to. Its on my short list…so many destinations, so little time, so little money (sigh)….lol

Hola Trillium,

I see you have been to Roatan, is that the same Fantasy Island I have been reading about ? if so did you do ant dives there ?

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