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Help! We’re thinking of taking our first trip to Panama and have many questions. I’ve read reviews on RD and it seems to be the place. We are taking our 2 daughters (ages 26 & 28) and in-laws (ages 72). If anyone can help me on the following questions, I would appreciate it.1. I’ve never researched Panama before so I’m not really up on the sell-off prices. We would intend to book about 3 weeks before leaving, if possible. We were thinking of going mid January 2008 but if the prices weren’t outrageous would love to be there for New Year’s Eve. If anyone has gone there during that time period, could you let me know if we would be in the $1,000.00/pp range or if I’m just dreaming.2. We are also considering that my husband & I and his parents would go for 2 weeks and have the girls join us the last week and if this works out we thought we’d look into the 2 centre holiday – RD resort and then Panama City (Radisson). I think that way we could do our Panama Canal and shopping tour when we got to Panama City. It also appears from what I’m reading that if we do that we then leave from Panama City to got to the airport (home) which means we wouldn’t have to do the 2 hour bus ride from the resort to the airport on the last day. If anyone has done this, I would love info – your views on the Radisson in Panama, etc. Also, is it true that the food and drinks are included in Panama City as well? 3. Any input on whether you think the resort would be too busy during Christmas/New Year’s holiday as compared to middle or end of January would be helpful also.4. I read one review that said the rooms at the resort are starting to look "tired" (guess because the resort is 6.5 years old?). Any input?5. Is it safe for our daughters to leave the hotel in Panama City (i.e. go to a pub for a drink?) and is it expensive?6. Nolitours book says the Panama City hotel is on the ocean – true? Good beach?Thanks to one and all ahead of time for any information.

We have done th 10/4 split at the Decapollis. It is not on the ocean, it is near there but no beach and it is kind of dirty there because things wash up. I don’t know where the beach would be in Panama City but you don’t have time to go swimming anyway. Some food and drinks are included at the Decappolis but there is a limited selection. In my opinion it is not really all inclusive. It is pretty same in Panama City once you know how to cross the road, we sort of attached ourselves to Panamanians until we got the hang of it(you’ll see what I mean when you get there). There is a Hard Rock Cafe right next door, expensive compared to Panama prices but not to N. American prices. The Nolitour rep will tell you where not to go, but we went anyway and were fine. They will tell you not totake the buses but we went all the way to the Gamboa on one for 60 cents. Make sure you go for the hike through the parc metropolitan rain forest. It is awesome. Better to do all Panama Canal stuff from the city. Take a cab but don’t beieve them when they tell you that you can’t get back unless they wait for you, there are lots of cabs. Enjoy, its a great place. Ls

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