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This will be our first trip to Panama and we are extremely excited about visiting the country and the resort. We have booked this early for February so we could get Club Class on Air Transat. So far there is 4 of us and counting.Anybody going around this time to the resort? Maybe we could hook up for a drink or socializing on the beach or pool area.Happy Traveling


Hi we are also going to Panama on Feb.14 -28. Weare from Manitoulin Island and been trying to get a group together for better pricing. Our agent is from Anchaster. Would you be interested.


Hi snowWe have been to Manitoulin Island and it is very beautiful, serene and we just loved it there.We have already booked our trip and put our deposit down. Our travel agent is also in Ancaster (which is part of the city of Hamilton). Is your spelling correct (Anchaster or is it Ancaster?) and is it on Wilson St.? A group rate would have been so much cheaper. We know of another group that is also booking their trip down there for the dates we are going Feb. 7 – Feb. 21.We will see you on the beach, bars and pools and save you some Cervuzas and hot weather.Happy Traveling


Ola, it is Ancaster but he lives on Tinder Lane. We didn’t know if we should book now. Two years ago we booked early for Panama and after New Years it dropped $900. We will have to all keep our fingers crossed it doesn’t come down. If we had a group we were quoted $3500 for two weeks two people. Now we are paying web price.


Hi JoyceIf you can possibly get the $3,500 for the two of you on a group rate, I would put my deposit down right away. We paid almost $5,000 for 2 of us, mind you we upgraded to Club Class on Air Transat and upgraded to the Ocean Front rooms on the beach. That is a great price that was quoted to you, so good luck in finding a group to book with.Happy Traveling


Just found this message board. Lots of great info. Just booked Royal Decameron for the week of February 14-21. There are four of us from the Sarnia area excited for this trip. We managed to get Club Class for the trip down to Panama, but there was only one seat left for the return flight, so didn’t want to start a fight! lol This will be our first trip to Panama. Any info you can pass along would be great! We are waiting on confirmation for beach front rooms, keeping our fingers crossed! See everyone in TO on February 14.

Hi bluepoint5Welcome to the site. If you have never booked Club Class before, you are going to love it. I hope you get the rooms you requested because we also are staying in the Ocean View, Ocean Front rooms. There is 4 of us leaving on the 7th for 2 weeks in Club Class and 10 more in Economy and also my brother and sister-in-law will be leaving on your flight from T.O. on the 14th for 2 weeks. See you in Panama at the Decameron.Happy Traveling


Hey Tigercats: Your countdown is on…. a week tomorrow and you will be rid of the unrelenting snow of Ontario and on to 33-34C temps. Been keeping an eye on the temps from my ipod and that seems to be the norm. Hope your journey goes well. A couple of questions for you:Have you booked any excursions ahead of time from private companies? We were thinking of possibly doing this but then thought, what the heck, we will just go with the flow. Now, I am back to wondering if we should book ahead. Any info you have would be helpful. We ended up getting beachfront rooms so we are very pleased.

See you in Panama!

Hi bluepoint5Yes the countdown is on and I was just packing my suitcase and I thought I would take a break and check the computer. I do start early (about 3 weeks ago LOL). You only have 2 weeks left and it looks like we are going to get hit this week in southern Ontario with mucho snow this week – as long as it isn’t next week for us or the following week for you and my brother and sister-in-law and her neice.We did not pre-book any excursions but I think the only one I might want to do is maybe the Anton Valley and the zip line which is nearby (only 45 minutes away). We will wait until we get there and talk to everybody and then maybe book with Woody’s. I just leave everything until I get there and make arrangements than, depending on my laziness or not that day.So looking forward to the hot, hot equator weather and ocean, drinks, pool and eats and not necessarily in that order. We are also looking so forward to Club Class and I promise I will save some food and drink on the plane and resort for you.Thanks for remembering and safe flight down and see you in 2 weeks.Happy Traveling


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