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Hi All,My name is Roger Moteelall. I am from Pickering Ontario Canada. My wife and I will be going to the Royal Decameron El Salvador March 29 for two weeks. I heard this resort is very similar to the Royal Decameron in Panama. Any comments?


Hi Roger:This resort is built on level land – no hills. There are several three level high blocks and a few six level high blocks of buildings expanding across the shore line. Beautiful sunsets can be seen from this resort. Large rooms – comfortable beds (in our opinion). Don’t drink the tap water! Last year when we were there the resort was immaculate. There was an attendant for every public washroom.The steak at the steak house was excellent.There are times during the day that there is no water at the beach to swim in. This takes getting use to. After being there a few days, you realize you hear when the tide starts coming in. The path is windy. Looks good, but seems like it takes longer to get from one point to another due to the windy path. You have to be watchful too that you don’t slip off the side of it. Unless it has changed since last January/February – there were not any straight back chairs around the pools. Just loungers. That’s all I can think of right now. We’re heading back there, end of January.

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