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Sandals Hicacos is a nice resort located in what is probably the best piece of beach in the area. It is a small resort compared to others that we have been to in other parts of the Caribbean. It is definitely nicer than some of the other resorts in the area.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Arrived at 0100 in the morning. They were somewhat quick in taking care of us. We were given our room keys as well as safe keys and soap. The first room that was given to us was sort of flooded with about 2 cm of water on the floor near the door. We were given another room on a different floor fairly quickly.

Our room was nice but nothing that you would expect from a 5 star hotel. But we were in Cuba after all. The room had a seating area, a great king size bed and a big tub/shower. The air conditioning worked extremely well and no smells were present in the room.

Restaurants and Bars:
The hotel being only at 30% occupation, there was little waiting time for drinks at the various bars. The buffet was good with some sections better than others. No use discussing taste because everyone has different taste. Our preferred restaurant was the el Caribe. The service at all the restaurants was good and staff was very friendly.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: As mentioned above, the hotel has the nicest beach around. No matter the effects of the tide, there is always a beach area as opposed to other resorts. Very little in the form of sea life in the immediate area of the beach. The water temperature was great and could easily stay in the water for a very long time. There was a sufficient amount of sun beds for the occupation level of the hotel. Pool was good and temperature was warm.

Some smells were present during the first two days of our stay. The smell seemed to go away after the first two days. The smell may have been due to the huge amount of rain that the area received prior to our arrival. The grounds are not as well kept as other places that we have been to. More specifically, they tend to leave the composte bags (garbage bags) and yard waste in piles a little every where.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: There was some activities at the resort including shows at night. It seemed like that entertainment staff were more worried about finding someone to accompany to the next meal or to get them beer. We did manage to win a couple of rum bottles during the few activities that did take place. The disco was not a happening place and never had more than 12 people. This is surely due to the low number of guests at the time of our visit.

We only attended the Rock show that was presented at night. It was good considering being in Cuba.

Other Comments:
I did have some concerns prior to going due to previous experience in Cuba and great results in Mexico. Overall, the trip was better than expected and would return to this resort if the occasion arose again.

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