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Arrival: March 14-21 2008 Air Canada provided us with a wonderful flight, concierge services provided an air conditioned van drive to and from airport, Check in not so good, room not ready for a number of hours, We were given a cold drink and went to lunch, the waitress was new and(very little english) but so sweet. We were tired and so thankful when we got our room. The staff was nice, towels and our luggage brought to our room. We then relaxed, didn’t really see too much the first day but things got much better. The concierge’s booked reservations and exchanged money for us. All and all things went well. It took only 24 hours to climatize. Lots of air conditioning available.


Clean,King size bed,large bathtub, nice sitting area, safe in room, fridge cold and stocked with beer("crystal beer" almost as good as canadian) pop and water and a stocked bar in room. The concierge were very obliging to stock this bar with a few of our favorites drinks. Our maid (Mae) made our stay so comfortable and fun with her special little surprizes for us. We left small gifts and tips on the pillow for her. She was very appreciative of everything. Fan over bed and air conditioning worked well,(activated withyour room key) When you leave the room (leave your spare key in) so the room will stay cool on your return. The patio door lead to the balgony (don’t be surprized if you see a few couples wearing very little on theirs) Just adds to the many memories you will make while vacationing. My Tylenol was disappearing daily from it’s bottle (someone must have had a bad headache) That’s the only real little problem we experienced so we done good. Check out was uneventful, ! We called the main deck and a bellhop was there immediately to carry our luggage and transport us to the main lobby. Then the airport and VIP room. The service excellent.

Restaurants and Bars:

We both had difficulty with the meals, Take note there was lots and lots of food. We certainly didn’t go hungry. The beach grill looked after lunch, The buffet breakfast and a few dinners. The others were all ok. We never got sick, we had a problem with the preparation and the smell of the oils used. Lets just say the poultry, pork & fish was satisfactory, the beef and lobster not quite canadian. The staff were great. We did survive and had a great time.


The Beach was the best, clear clear water, fine white powdered sand, warm, You must get up early to get an umbrella for shade but it’s worth it. They are waiters available on the beach(not all day) to get your drinks, Just great. Pools beautiful and cooler, swim up bar fun. Bartenders friendly and attentive. Ground amazing, the grounds keepers work so hard. Don’t forget them if you are a tipper. The same goes for the concierge people and door attendents, they all appreciate a tip.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We did not like shopping outside the resort. Most Cubans were dishonest taking advantage of our ignorance with their money and deceived us whenever, wherever possible expecially at the airport and shops. Beware of the tours, cigars, shells and liquor sales offered on the beach ( your travel rep should tell you not to get scammed) Learn to barter with the vendors selling purses,clothing and jewelry. They will ask for double than what it’s worth, Have fun and learn to say "no not interested" The activites are good, staff friendly and very talented, the water arobics fasinating, the private parties a nice touch. Your on vacation you may meet some of the nicest people, some you’ll remember for life. We did.

Other Comments:

We brought little gifts, croc-like footwear and work gloves with us to give as tips along with a few dollars. We found these people work hard and very thankful for anything given to them so if it’s in you, be kind and be thankful for just being there experiencing this truly beautiful place. Do bring your own thermal cups with lids to keep your drinks cold and sand free plus they hold more than those plastic cups not so good for our enviroment. Brng your own facecloths (not one to be found at the resort). Bring bug spray (a few mosquitos at the beach grill) Prepare to see a few geckos on the way to the beach (very cute, variety of colors and not harmful). You’ll love "the adult only" atmosphere, some may want to take a small flashlight to use at night for the lighting is very dim in the walkways (we didn’t mind but some may).You may want to check out the VIP room at the airport at departure(obtained from your travel rep) for 20 dollars this may be benificial to some, depending on the time of your flight.( the personal will pay your departure tax($20.00Cuban) for you, The VIP area is a non smoking, air conditioned, with bar, washrooms and comfortable seating area. We personally thought it was great and well woth it. If interested check it out. "Do go" meet your travel rep, you will be given when and where, when you arrive at the resort. They will give you all the dos and don’t of the resort and will give you updated info on departure time. Bring some snacks with you (if your a snacker) you’ll be glad you did. One more thing "Your Vacation" boils down to what "you" make of it, so enjoy and have have a great time!

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