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I’ve traveled a lot and this is one mistake I will never make again. I was concerned about the relative location to the airport but I was assured that this was not a problem. The rooms were sound proof. No way!! Not only was there noise from the airport but the vibration from the jet engines shook the room. Our room was less than 100 yards from the end of the runway. If this was not enough of a problem, the room was right on the major circulation road through Maho so we also got the traffic noise from buses, honking cars and party revelers also. Yes, I asked for a different room and was told that there were none available. Strange, since many of the rooms I saw throughout the hotel appeared to be empty and unoccupied. I think this was more of a management issue rather than an occupancy issue. And yes, there were other problems. Our supposedly room was a deluxe room but it appeared to be more of an early Club Med no frills version. No desk. One chair. No glasses in the room when we checked in. Two calls to the front desk resolved this. No extra blankets in the room. Two calls to get the A/C functioning correctly. Two calls to get the the two light fixtures over the bed to work. My internet connection was lost for two days. They first said it was a network outage, then they said it was my laptop’s configuration. Strange but after two days and not changing my configuration, the connection miraculously reappeared. If you depending on their internet connection for business purposes, forget it. Skyping is also problematic at 50 mps per second, the connection is simply too slow. This hotel was an absolute abomination. Bernie Madoff has better accommodations. With all of the great hotels and locations on the island, I can only suggest you go somewhere else rather than play Russian Roulette with the management staff here.

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