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Hi!We visited this property and liked the studios with full kitchen etc. It is offered through Air Canada Vacations and we are considering it for 2 – 3 weeks beginning April 1, 2006. If anyone can comment about any experiences it would be greatly appreciated. We also toured the Coral Gardens (gorgeous IMO!!!) and are considering it as well. We stayed in a condo in the Grace Bay area so any "resort" information would be helpful.Bubbygirl
Hey BubbygirlSorry I don’t have any answers to your questions but I was wondering if you could give me a quick insight on T&C. I’ve been thinking that this might be a future destination for my wife and I, but as you see, there isn’t much activity on this thread. When you have a few extra minutes, could you PM me on just a few things to expect, or look for when planning a T&C vacation. My wife and I have been to the Mayan Riviera twice and honeymooned in Punta Cana. We love to spend the days at the beach, swimming and relaxing, and enjoy snorkeling. We’re not in to the party scene at night but do enjoy a few drinks after dinner, listening to a band or watching a show. We would most likely do an A-I, rather than rent a condo. If you could give me an idea of what particular area to concentrate on, or anything else you think I would find handy, I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks.


Bubbygirl & Polarbear

go to

for their online magazine with lots of info availabledining, resorts, condos, villa to rent…etc.see a map of the location for all the resorts…

There is a IGA, where you can buy really good meat if you choose to cook some of your meals. My hubby was quite impressed with the freshness of meat available, since we own a meat & delicatessen shop in Ontario. PolarBear…the Condos are rented out as resorts…you can view them online…for more info on the resorts & T&C …check

Royal West indies and Coral Gardens I beleive have had great reviews…Turks & Caicos …has no night life unless you are at the all inclusive to party….other wise, it’s a great place to go and get some serious R&R….very safe island , beautiful beaches and great for snorkeling or scuba diving…As I said, we really enjoyed it and plan on returning next year! The people are also very friendly…hope this has helped you guys. gadgetgirl


We didn’t do the cooking… on the nights that we bought the meat

There was also another family from Toronto visiting, and we simply got all together for a BBQ (Strip Loin streak, Chicken breast/thighs, and Prok Back Ribs) on 3 nights…and our host and the visiting son from TO did the prep work and BBQ ;D

Our host’s wife, received a call the day after our arrival that her Dad had passed away and had to fly out on the friday to England…so we all tried to make it best for our host that stayed behind.

We would have our cereals in the morning and a light bite at the apartment, but otherwise ate out, either lunch, mid-day or dinner.

We also had the use of one of their vehicles

It is more expensive, but WOW…so beautiful!We didn’t do any water activities except visit the beach, to relax…it was all about serious R&R this time around, my hubby seriously needed it!! ;DAnd it worked, came back very refreshed …10 days was perfect! He hasn’d been away since we did Hawaii in 1993!!!!!!!!!!But now, has the traveling bug…woohoo ;Dgadgetgirl

Polarbear, I think you would like Provo based on your criteria. It is not very lush however, rather scrubby. You will want to focus around the Grace Bay area for certain. The stretch of beach is simply pristine. We are also "beach folk" and were not disappointed. Maybe gadgetgirl could help me out – there is a $$$ restaurant (where some rather grandiose yachts are docked) with an outside dining option (all twinkle lights and lovely) but I cannot remember the name. We also enjoyed the Tiki Hut on several occasions and I recall night time entertainment there. The grocery shopping at the IGA was very good so we were able to balance the self catering / dining out options. It is a very classy but laid back island without the god-forsaken concrete jungle along Grace Bay. My only wish is for more palm trees along the beach but that’s just me
BubbygirlI think you are looking for "Magnolias" at Turtle Cove?

We had planned to go…but didn’t make it…next year

while we were there we seen this gorgious HUGE Yachtthere and found out it was built in Australia and it had twin jet turbine engines at the back !!!!

Very impressive… would of loved to find out who owned it (took a picture at least)

Would of paid to tour it ….We ate at: Coco Bistro (Gorgious and very good)Mango Reef (4 times) Hemmingway’s(lunch) Aqua Bar at Turlte Cove(lunch – excellent) Cabana Bar at Ocean Point (breakfast)We had no complaints on everything we ate! And my hubby is very fussy !!!


Hi gadgetgirl (I LOVE that nic!!! reminds me of someone from The Incredibles LOL!)
We were pleased with all of our dining experiences and I have 2 food snobs to deal with Upon reviewing your list of restaurants I have narrowed down to either Anacaona, Aqua or Baci. That’s most likely as far as my mind will take me ;D and I’m fine with that. Great chatting with you!


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