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8-)Does anybody know the best tours to take;the best bang for your buck!Hopefully not alot of walking involved as ankle surgery has limited me somewhat;also can the tour be paid with credit card?Any info is welcome!We’re both 50+but the husband would like to see some of the country..I prefer the pools…Thanx for any advice!

Hey doglovers,If you are a pool person, they you will be very happy. For tours, I am not the right person to ask, although I can give you some basic information regarding price and description. At the San Salvador airport, you will get a package that will give you a description of the tours, as well as the physical requirements of the tour. A man we met on our holiday had just had both knees replaced, and he managed fine. Everything at the resort could be on 1 level if you want. This may involve some requests or special arrangements, but there is no need to be disavantanged.Enjoy yourselves,


I am 99% sure you can use your credit card at the hotel (not so much elsewhere) or $US, or travellers cheques. I did have trouble using my travellers cheques at the airport, but eventually found a store that would take them.The guys at the front desk of the hotel are GREAT. They speak pretty good English, and can help you out with almost anything from first aid, to internet, to hiring a cab, to cashing your travellers cheques.

Have fun, TravelMom

Travel Mom; Thanx for all your useful info.We appreciate it!I looked up the weather for el salvador for the next 10days = it looks like showers from Sunday on ???We arrive I hope it changes!Thanks again;we’ll enjoy getting away from midwestern Ontario for a break from all the freek storms this winter.Bye for now
Credit Cards can be used…We liked the Copan Ruins Tour, a long day but worth it. You have to go into Guatemala then to Copan, Honduras. Your guide will do all the work at border crossings.Also a very good tour is to Antigua, Guatemala the most famous Central American colonial city.All the tours are purchased at the Decameron Hotel and depart from the lobby. We went on seven tours and never had a problem and found all the countries visited very safe.


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