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The location of this hotel is great I just had problems with hotel management; I just think that they can do better to improve the quality of service and cleanliness of this place if they want more customers to patronize them. When I was here, there were not much people or guests around and I could see why. There was poor hygiene to begin with, the grounds were not even clean and the rooms can be cleaner that I met it. The hotel is located in the center of town hence the perfect location because you can find almost anything you want around here ranging from restaurants to drugstores to salons. The room condition was nothing to write home about, the room I stayed in was not clean, not tidy and mattress was hard, I had backache just within 2 nights and 3 days I spent here and I had to move along to another hotel. I think if the services and the rooms were taken care of, every other thing will fall in place. I think the most important improvement that should be done is to upgrade the cleaning service, make sure the rooms are always clean prior to arrival of the guests and during the stay and also the grounds should be taken care of better. The staff was great but services were poor and a bit sluggish. All in all, I will not come back here if I have better options unless the place is improved and upgraded.

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