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I am going on S-trip next year for with my school for grad trip and I decided to look on here for reviews for a hotel and I came across this. I think it is extremely immature for adults to be generalizing all of the parents sending their children on this trip as "irresponsible" and "terribly naive". I am paying for this trip by myself and I know most of my friends are as well. My parents know that I am going to be drinking because they’re not naive, but they TRUST me. They know I am responsible about drinking and they know that a couple months after the trip, I am going to be away at university doing the same thing. I also realize that maybe some parents are reluctant because of the chaperones, but there is a rule that we have to sign into the hotel 3 times per day, once at night, and once in the morning. The chaperones can’t do anything about the drinking because most of us are not underage these places. We have just as much of a right to be at these hotels as you do because I work hard for my money too. So one group of teenagers being rude and selfish doesn’t give you the right to generalize all teenagers and say that you are ashamed that we are the next generation of Canadian youth. Because we ARE the next generation, so we want to have as much fun as we can while we still can before we have the real responsibilities of a family and a full-time job. 

So please stop generalizing all of the parents as being irresponsible, because mine are far from it. My parents trust that I will make good decisions. I’m sorry you can’t trust your kids to do the same. 

The commentary here is truly offensive. Are housewives really that desperate? It must get boring sitting at home trying to think of new ways to tighten the shackles you’ve placed around your kids necks. Yeah. We go on S trip, and we drink and party and make mistakes. We know right off the bat what we’re getting into. We just don’t care what is going to happen. If unfortunate stuff happens, it happens. However, we’ll never know if we’re sheltered by overbearing parents. Let your kids enjoy their youth the way they want. It’s not your life. And plus, wouldn’t it make you satisfied to tell your kid, "I told you so."

hey so I’m 17 and was recently looking to see if this trip was safe or a scam and id like to say thank you for having this to clarify its real…however i find what is said here to be rather disturbing. I wish to quickly vouch for all the parents out there and say though they research these things their not in the leaflet. I myself am surprised to read what i am seeing here as all i knew and told my parents was what i heard. Parties on a yacht and privately rented club, charity and fundraising events, swimming pools, seaside, dolphin swimming, exploration, gliding, and hikes. none of this getting plastered and making a mess of yourself. As well as this we were informed of more mature chaperons who would not tell us to get plastered for fun. I’m more of a relaxed guy who takes care of those he knows and i prefer adventure and exploration than that of clubbing so i’m sure my friends and i can take advantage of this trip to the fullest and still do it without consequence. but i don’t however enjoy the thought of being surrounded by a drunken vomiting mass. is there perchance a way you saw the wrong side of the trip? was anyone gliding or hiking or having fun without booze that looked young?

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