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I`m planning to go to Honduras in July for volunteer work.The group I would be working with is near El Cacao. I can fly into either Le Ceiba or San Pedro Sula and take the bus from there ( I`m told it would be cheaper to go to San Pedro Sula) or if it`s on a Sat. the people who run the organization coulp possibly pick me up.My family are freaking out saying that I shouldn`t be travelling alone …I`m 34 ( although I look younger) and I haven`t travelled a lot but I`m not stupid!!I`m assuming that bus travel is relatively safe in Honduras? The biggest issue for me is that I speak only a few words of Spanish but I`m sure I wouldn`t be the first traveller to pass through in that situation.

Does anyone have any info or tips to help me get by and to help convince my family that it`s safe to go alone?

I have provided an official link so You can take a look at it.

It is very dangerous traveling around Honduras and even if you are street wise you may run into some difficult situations. There are certain places you should stay away from, especially the capitol of Honduras as it is very dangerous.I would not take the cheapest route, take the safest route to the place you are doing the volunteer work. I could tell you some horror stories from articles I read in the papers about travel in Honduras.Try to get someone to meet you at the Airport and do not tell anyone you are traveling alone. Once you are there just act like you know all about Honduras. Wossa and I constantly told the street hustlers that we live on the Island for about 3 months every year.Perhaps you could talk a friend into heading to Honduras with you for the volunteer work so you are not alone once you arrive.

Have a safe trip and good luck with everything.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………..

Thanks again, Freedom Ryder. The link you posted definately got me thinking…I talked to a friend who lived in Roatan for a year and she said it`s not that bad but I don`t know…I think I may see if someone else wants to go with me…I `ve never travelled alone outside of Canada so I`ve been worried about that from the start. Plus I speak little to no Spanish as an added issue. Anyone want to join me?lol

Hola Nsfamily Have you decided yet if you will go to Honduras for the volunteer work?.If you do go to Honduras, how long will you be going for?.Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….

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