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My husband and I are planning on travelling south this spring. He runs everyday about 10-15kms. We are not sure yet where we are going. Most likely Cozumel, or Varadero. I’ve been to Cozumel with the girls, it was great but we didn’t leave the resort. Is it safe for him to go for a long run in either place? this is definitely one of the determing factors on where we will spend our vacation. would appreciate any advice on this.

We went to the Mayan Riviera last year and visited Cozumel for one day. Rented a car there and drove around the island.
In 2007 we went to Varadero. I would say that both places are fairly safe to run, although the traffic in Cozumel might be a bit of a problem. I admire your husband that he’s able to run that distance in those temperatures!

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