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My partner and I were booked 10 nights at Samsara. My partner is originally from Jamaica and we were re-connecting with family and friends. On our first evening my partner was told to leave because visitors had to leave the premises by 11pm. It was not asked but assumed he was a local. Even after advising that he was a registered guest, the staff repeatedly asked him to leave. I had validate that we were travelling together and we were registered guests. During our stay, we opted to purchase the breakfast plan. My partner was not with me at the time of purchase and was asked to pick up the arm band at the lobby. When he went to do so, I was called to ‘vouch’ for him. Days later, as my partner was chatting with a female guest that we had met,the resort owner angrily approach them and told my partner to leave. When asked why, the owner accused my partner of picking up the female guest and behaving inappropriately. My partner re-affirmed that he was a guest, explained that they were having a conversation but the owner told my partner to go to his room-that he wasn’t supposed to be talking to other guests. Mitigating further escalation, my partner began walking to our room. The owner followed him and began cursing at him. He then became physical-pushing my partner. He then forced him to the front lobby and told him he was evicted effective immediately. I was in our room showering when someone began violently knocking on the door. I heard the door being unlocked and an unidentified man came barging into my room! I slammed the bathroom door shut, locked it and asked him to identify himself repeatedly. He would not. I told him to leave the room immediately. He would not. The housekeeper had to take him out of the room. Once able to speak with him, he identified himself as the owner of the resort. He told me that my partner could no longer stay at the resort. I asked him to validate that it was my partner. His simple description was that he was a black man with black hair. He then told me that my partner was trying to pick up the female guests. When I asked him how he identified this behaviour vs simply having a conversation, he could not provide specific details. I asked if the female guest lodged a complaint-no she had not. Frustrated with my line of questioning, he threatened to call the police. I agreed so that all sides of the story could be told – including the illegal entry of my room while I was alone in a vulnerable position, his refusal to identify himself or leave when asked posing a threat to my personal safety. I then met with the General Manager-wife of the owner. She listened to our version of events as well as my exchange with her husband in the hotel room. Again I asked what prompted her husband to approach my partner in the first place, she said it was instinct from 35 years of experience.

I was then presented with a letter requesting to vacate and was told that a police

June 23, 2013

Other Comments: When I asked for the police file number, Mrs. Absera could not find it. I continued to contact her for several days after but she could never locate it and then simply stopped taking my calls.

I especially am a seasoned traveller and have never, ever experienced/been witness to anything of this kind. If I can have fellow travellers pause before supporting an operation such as this, to stand up for fair and equal treatment of guests and staff alike, then that’s a start. It boggles my mind why someone would do business in a country for 35 years and yet treat the countrymen as lesser people.

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