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Ave. 31 e/76 y 78, Marianao, La Habana, Cuba

"more is expected"
Posted by: maxim on Jun 19, 2014
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Let’s just say I expected more from this hotel and that was the problem, it means that since it’s a three star hotel, you should have high expectations from this place. It’s a nice place just nothing luxurious if you ask me. I would say though that the place is just a tad bit overpriced considering that the services weren’t top notch, I can get better service from other hotels for the same price I paid here so I wasn’t really happy about that. What made the vacation better was the fact that the hotel is located in Havana which is a very lively city so I had places to visit and there were other guests here that I interacted with and made some friends at the same time so for me, it wasn’t all that bad. The rooms are clean and spacious; I just think that the customer service could be better. Even though Havana is a bubbly town, the environment in which this hotel is located in is safe and peaceful so I recommend it if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere. What got to me was the fact that you hardly find the front desk guy at his station if you needed anything and that was frustrating. The restaurant is great but the staff can do better, they can be faster and try to be attentive as well. If the hotel management should check into these few faults they have, I have no doubts that this place will become bigger.

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