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Hi all ,
We would really like to go to San Andres next Feb. and was wondering heard anything concerning flights from Montreal yet . It seems that the Isleno will not be open so has anybody got some ideas about another hotel?Would appreciate any info you can give me .

Haven’t been to SAI for a few years, but we really enjoyed staying at the Marazul while we were there.For everything related to San Andres, try….


CervezaMan y CaribbeanQueen

There is a bit of chatter on the website. The Nolitours brochure should be available anytime. Some TAs have told their clients that its looking like only departures this year from Montreal. Last year, they started out of Toronto and later in the season, picked up passengers in Montreal. Someone reported contacting Air Transat when they saw the San Andres route beginning November 19th this year instead of the first Thursday in November. About the hotels, I’ve stayed at the Marazul (loved it), the San Luis (loved it too) and the Aquarium looks like a fun place too. The Maryland and Las Delphines are very small and right in the city and I’d stay in them too. They are all unique. The Marazul is up for sale so its questionable right now if the Decameron chain will continue to carry it. We’re waiting to see if Decameron will include the Marazul this year. Everybody is holding their breath (those of us that enjoy going to SAI every year, that is.

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